Making it Happen

Making it Happen

The big blackboard that went up near the courtyard in front of the Dimond filled up with student writing pretty fast. It’s the one that says Before I Die I Want to…

and you fill in the blank.

The idea is to offer the writer a little mental clarity about their goals and desires- you get the picture. Anyway this board has rows and rows of the prompt Before I die I want to… but the blanks filled up really fast. Then the blanks between the blanks filled up. So did the spaces between those. Then answers crept along the stone curb, snaked along the walkways, settled into the stone benches along the courtyard, and rose up the lamp posts.

long shot before I die

This project was originally created by Candy Chang in New Orleans. Since then similar walls have appeared in Argentina, China, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, and South Africa. So here you are at UNH. Let’s see how being where you are can get you where you want to be.

Before I die I want to… Travel the World

This was a pretty broad category. There were all sorts of places: Australia, Ireland, Lebanon (to see family), New Zealand (to see the setting of the Lord of the Rings films,) Africa, and Paris (for a kiss) and an innumerable amount of less specific destinations- just the desire to travel, to see more of this place we’ve got.

Well here’s a list of the study abroad programs in COLA alone.  More than a few of the destinations are here. UNH can help get you to Paris whoever you are, but the kiss is up to you. There are far more options involving scientific research and social research as well.

Kiss in paris

Write, get published, so on. 

Another recurring theme: publishing writing. UNH can help depending on what you’ve written. There’s Aegis for fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. There’s TNH for news writing, journalism, and editorials.

write a book

wright a novel

The Connors Writing Center can help a lot as well, depending on what you struggle with when it comes to writing.

Outdoor Recreation:

There were a lot of references to high adventure activities like surfing, backpacking, hiking, and snowboarding, and sky diving. The NHOC can help with that. Just look at their list of activities.

Performing arts: 

Be on SNL

Another big category. There were some ambitious aspirations, but UNH can offer some helpful experience. Audition for Sketched Out if your passionate about sketch comedy. If the idea of live improvisation sound cool, check out Improv Anonymous. They do some pretty good work.


The point is there are a lot of opportunities here. We’ve just come to the end of another semester. Now that you’ve got your goals in writing, UNH is a place where you can move towards them, so make good use of your time here before it goes.