Living Safe at UNH

Living Safe at UNH

Wildcats Look out for Wildcats

The University of New Hampshire is, generally, an extremely safe campus. ‘Wildcats look out for Wildcats’ is a sentiment that UNH prides itself on. The #UNHSocial student team sat down with UNH Police to talk about some ways to keep safe on campus…

 Top 6 Things to Know About Safety at UNH:

live safe app

1. UNH LiveSafe App

For smart phone owners, there is a great app called LiveSafe. And it’s free! With this app you can anonymously report tips about crime in the area, call emergency contacts, view maps of reported crimes and safe spots near you, and SafeWalk. This module is one of the best features that Chief Dean talked about. With SafeWalk, you can let friends look out for you while you walk back to your dorm. The module will share your location as you walk; let your friends view your walking map and allows group chats; and will contact police if needed. The LiveSafe app can also be reached through the UNH Mobile App.

See how this app works here.

2. Police Escort at UNH

Walking back to your dorm after a late-night library session? Missed the last bus out to The Lodges or Cottages? You can call UNH Police and Safe Rides to escort you back to local campus and off-campus locations. How do you do this? First, call Guaranteed Rides at (603) 862-2328. You will have to pre-register. After that, you can reach UNH Police for an escort at (603) 862-1427. Another option, for if you need a safe ride home is Safe Rides, they can be reached at (603) 365-6406. Make sure that you call either Guaranteed Rides or Safe Rides before calling UNH Police.

rad unh

3. Self-Defense at UNH

The Rape Aggression Defense Basic Personal Defense System (R.A.D) classes are offered through UNH Police and Campus Rec. for female students on campus. This class is offered several times during the fall semester and provides students with the knowledge to make an educated decision about personal defense. You can find out more information about upcoming classes and the RAD program here and here.

blue light upright4. UNH Blue Lights

Did you know that there are more than 100 blue light stations across campus? For your safety, you should always be able to see a blue light from wherever you are on campus. If you ever feel like you’re in trouble or in an emergency situation, hit the red button on the blue light station and it will call the dispatch center over the stations speaker. If you are being followed, trail the blue lights. If you continue to press the blue lights the authorities will be able to track where you are on campus. This call is treated as a 911 call so it is extremely important to not jokingly hit these buttons. New blue light stations are put in every year. From every blue light station you will see another blue light station to ensure that the campus is fully covered with the safety feature.

5. Register Your Tech and Transport at UNH

According to UNH Police, the number one crime on campus is theft. To ensure security of you more expensive belongings (phones, laptops, mopeds, bikes, etc.), make sure you register them!

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6. On Duty at UNH

Finally, if you are ever feeling unsafe or have to report a crime on campus, the UNH Police and Durham Police are always on duty. Just call 911. Even if you do feel safe, remember to sign up for on campus alerts to stay up to date on what’s going on around campus.

LiveSafe – Prevent Crime for a Safer Community from Flikli on Vimeo.