Learn the Lingo!

Learn the Lingo!

As I scroll through the UNH hashtag on Twitter, I’m excited to see lots of prospective students tweeting about their recent acceptance, their commitment to #UNH18, or #UNH in general. It’s hard to believe that only two years ago, I was tweeting similar things. Class of 2018, before you know it you’ll be moving in  to Wildcat Country and in order to avoid freshman embarrassment, I’m going to teach you how to speak like a Wildcat.

The Whitt (Whittemore Center) – This is where the hockey games and major concerts take place

The Fishbowl (area in front of Scott Hall) – When the weather is nice, this is a prime spot to hang out and study or play frisbee.

T-Hall (Thompson Hall) – The most iconic (and beautiful) building on campus

HamSmith (Hamilton Smith Hall) – This is the academic building with the giant white pillars at the entrance HamSmith

HoCo (Holloway Commons) – The largest and busiest dining hall on campus

MUB (Memorial Union Building) – This is the center for all happenings on campus. Check your mail, grab some lunch, study, see a movie, etc.

Upper Quad – The Randall/Hitchcock/Devine area

Lower Quad – The Engelhardt/Gibbs/Hunter area

PCAC (Paul Creative Arts Center) – Art building that always has some pretty impressive icicles in the winter

Wildkitty (Wildcatessen) – Mini grocery store under Stillings

Philly (Philbrook Dining Hall) – Dining hall near the freshmen dorms

SERCs (Southeast Residential Community) – Located in the southwest (go figure) side of campus. In 2013, the names were officially changed to Handler (SERC A), Peterson (SERC B), and Haaland (SERC C)

Pita Pit (Philbrook Café) – Mini grocery store in Philly that is home to the famous Pita Pit and Starbucks coffee

DHOP (Durham House of Pizza) – Pizza place on Main Street

The DUMP (Durham Marketplace) – Grocery store on Mill Roaddump

Dunks (Dunkin Donuts) – #thatssonewengland

The Gym (Hamel Rec Center) – Yeah… no one calls it that.

Well there you have it! Now you know how to talk like a Wildcat! Just cross your fingers your class shirt isn’t neon yellow (I’m sure the class of 2016 can attest to this fact).