Alumni Tale: Krysten Godfrey Maddocks ’96

What did you study at UNH?

English Journalism, College of Liberal Arts

What are some of your strongest memories of UNH?

As an English/Journalism major, I spent a lot of time at Hamilton Smith. I remember how anxious I was to start my newspaper internship, which ended up being the best job training ever. Jane Harrigan was my favorite professor and Lisa Miller was pretty cool, too.

I lived in many different residence halls–Christensen, Scott, and Congreve–and spent a semester in the Woodsides. (Ironically, my son just completed preschool at the Woodsides in the Growing Places program!) I remember the days of no cable TV, social media or phones to distract from spending hours talking to friends late at night.

Fall semester was always my favorite. The smell and colors of the falling leaves, football games, Homecoming, Halloween parties, and decorating our rooms for the holidays stand out the most. The UNH campus in fall has a certain feeling you just can’t describe.

How do you feel your time at UNH has had an impact on where you are today?

UNH has impacted me so much that I continue to come back! I spent the past 3.5 years working at UNH part-time in Media Relations and doing contract writing for some of the colleges. But prior to that, UNH gave me the skills I needed to work full-time in my field for almost 20 years. I also keep in touch with many UNH alumni through social media.

Tell us about your career path to date… what have been some career milestones in your life?

Some of my career milestones include a stint at a small newspaper, a director of community relations role for the American Lung Association of New Hampshire, and marketing roles at Frisbie Memorial Hospital and Measured Progress. Today, I work for myself as a freelance copywriter at KGM Strategic Marketing, where I help clients in the K-12, higher education, technology, and business sectors create content for digital and print. I think that the Journalism program at UNH gave me a solid foothold to pursue jobs that required good writing skills.