Kindness on Campus

Kindness on Campus

32431pre_1514e000038b74bd17f7b0ef4f342cb8cb61b450587f070With finals right around the corner, and the colder weather setting in, everyone needs a little pick-me-up. If your past few days have been anything like mine, you’ve been feeling like a tired, frustrated hamster in her wheel. Exams, labs, presentations, papers, whatever it is that’s giving you the end of semester blues (complete with stress headaches), I always feel that one of the best things to do is to look to those around you for support. This support can take many different forms, and I think you’d be surprised by how easily you can find it here on campus.

I Believe In UNH

One of the things that has always impressed me about our university, why I believe in UNH, is the
kindness I’ve seen in our community. The friendly faces and conversations I pass, all the IDs that get returned to owners through the class Facebook pages, the phones left in trust to reserve dining hall tables, the students who need help finding it so easily, and the doors held open for everyone – even those who are an uncomfortable distance away! I see small gestures like these on campus every day and, while they don’t seem like much, they do a lot to promote a tone of respect and camaraderie around our community.

Week of Kindness

You might have seen or heard that the first week of December is the designated Week of Kindness at UNH. Throughout the week, as part of the nice_078Month of Believing, groups in the UNH community will be working to prompt small acts of kindness around campus, and to celebrate those that happen year-round. Wednesday, Dec 3, The Advancement office staff will be outside Dimond Library from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m, running a Say Something Nice Event. Anyone can step up to the megaphone and do just that, to make someone you know – or don’t know! – feel warm and fuzzy! Throughout the week, the UNH Social Team will also be working to perform small acts of kindness to improve your week, and spread the word about the Month of Believing.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 10.16.46 AMUNH Cares

The biggest event will be happening on Thursday Dec 4. On this day, professors and faculty members will be giving out free coffee and hot chocolate, along with a balloon that says I Believe in UNH. This balloon is symbolic of an act of kindness, and is meant to be passed on. If you receive one of these balloons, whether from a teacher or a fellow student, you can choose to pass it on to someone else, along with an act of kindness. These acts may be big or small, but the effort put into them does not negate their importance. These balloons demonstrate the ripple effect that kindness can have in a community. Some of the most important things we do in life are these little gestures, because you never know what it might mean to someone, or what actions you may inspire in them.

This ripple effect is present on campus with or without these balloons, but this week is a time to celebrate those little things that brighten our days – the passing compliments, held doors and helping hands when you drop your groceries. Right now, one of the most stressful times of the year for a college student, is the perfect time to give these things some extra attention.  Putting focus on the positive has a therapeutic effect, and can remind you to spread around a little kindness yourself. Wildcats look out for wildcats, and that’s what makes me Believe in UNH.