Keep Calm and Do Yoga

Keep Calm and Do Yoga

My yoga obsession began when I was with my best friend Shelby and she asked if I wanted to go to yoga with her. I immediately said no! I would not even fathom myself doing anything that involved moving my body any more than it would while walking. After a little convincing I agreed to go. I was then informed on the way there that the room that we would be performing yoga would be a chilly 95 degrees, bikram yoga! I was tricked and the only way out of this situation was to open the car door on the highway. That was not an option for me at that point in time. With that tidbit of information I was thinking I was about to just melt away. I couldn’t help but to put a Frozen reference in here. That would not be true #UNH14 form.


My friend, Shelby Hines, who helped me discover yoga

Back to what I was talking about in the first place, yoga. To make a long story short I struggled to do the basic moves and probably sweat more that I have ever in my life. Even with all the struggles, I left that yoga class feeling as if I could conquer the world. I had never felt more refreshed and energized before in my life. Once I had that feeling I never doubted it again.

This brings us to why I am writing this blog in the first place. I want all of the Wildcats to be able to experience that feeling too. UNH is all about preparing you for the future and making sure the next generation can carry in an evolving society. What better way than to expose all the Wildcats to a great to relax and stay active. The best part about all of this yoga talk is that you can do it right here in Durham!


UNH Yoga Class on Thompson Hall

If you would like to join me in my love for yoga there are classes offered at 3 Bridges Yoga on the Main Street, but if you are a little hesitant to join a studio then UNH offers yoga classes through Campus Rec. Either option would be a great way to get started. I know what you are probably thinking, you can’t do it or yoga isn’t really a way to stay active. Let me tell you something wild kitties, you are wrong. 3 Bridges offers  a new student special of $20 for 14 days to people who want to try it out, but don’t want to pay that much for it. The classes at 3 Bridges are taught by registered yoga teachers. UNH Health Services provides FREE yoga classes for students every Wednesday and Friday at 12 noon in the Wildcat Den at the MUB (near the game room). The classes will start again in September. Both UNH and 3 Bridges have classes for all different skill levels and will modify poses for your comfort level.

3 Bridges Yoga in Durham, NH

3 Bridges Yoga in Durham, NH

Now gentlemen, don’t think because you are males that means this blog post does not pertain to you too! Look to your left, now back to my post, now look to your left again, and back to my post. Did you see that? Yep, that is a guy doing yoga! You can do it too!

Well, this wraps up my Wildcat advise for this week. In all seriousness though, give yoga a try.You won’t regret it! Who knows, you could end up as good as my friend Shelby!