UNH January Term Courses

UNH January Term Courses


Are you looking to get ahead on credits? Looking for something to do in January when the snow forces you inside? ❄️  With so many different class offerings during January Term, there’s something for everyone! From ARTS to RMP, here are just a few of our J-Term courses to take this year.

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1) ARTS 596 (1BB) Special Topics – Intro to Graphic Design (online)

Ever wanted to take a class on graphic design? Well the good news is that this year, UNH is offering ARTS 596 (1BB). In this course, you can expect to become proficient in using the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign). The course will focus on photo manipulation and the basic skills necessary for success in the field of graphic design.

2) CA 502 (M1) – Image and Sound (Manchester)

Image and Sound is a course on the aesthetics of motion picture and sound production and is available at Manchester only. Students will explore the aesthetic principles that are used to communicate stories, emotions and messages in popular media and will study film, television, new media and survey production methods.

3) HMGT 698 (1BB) – Top/Wedding Planning & Management (online)course-1

This course looks at the business side of wedding planning from the point of view of the wedding planner. The class begins with wedding budgeting then moves on to look at the contracts and services a professional wedding planner must manage and coordinate.

course-24) ENGL 703T (01) – Travel Writing (abroad)

Travel writing is a workshop devoted to the processes of reading, writing and reflecting. Based on whatever study abroad program you participate in, students are required to compose written pieces of their own through research and reflection.

5) JUST 595 – Breaking Down Breaking Bad: The Analysis of Hollywoodcourse-3  Crime and Justice (online)

Taught by Katherine Abbott, this class will focus on case studies in order to look at the way justice comes into being in accordance with the relationship between crime, policy-making and popular media. If you’re a law buff or a general movie person, then this class is for you!

6) MKTG 598 (2BB) – Top/Digital Marketing Communication (online)

Are you a Paul College marketing student, or are you just addicted to social media and corporate communication? Using the internet and wireless mobile devices, students will examine topics such as online advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), web analytics, mobile messaging and the use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more!

course-47) RMP 511 (1BB) – Issues of Wilderness and Nature in American Society  (online)

While looking at the relationship between wilderness/nature and American society, students will explore the evolution of philosophy, ethics and values. Other topics covered in this course are sustainability, biodiversity, hunting, suburban sprawl, environmental activism, endangered species, organic foods and genetic engineering.

8) ESCI 405 (1BB) – Global Environmental Change (online)course-5

Are you interested in human activity and the global environment? This class explores evidence of environmental degradation in Earth’s crust, hydrosphere and atmosphere, while also considering prospects for a future in sustainable human health, diversity and economic development.

9) FREN 401 (1BB) – Elementary French l (online)

Ever wanted to learn another language? Elementary French is conducted mostly in French; students learn the language through speaking, listening, reading, writing, labs and films. Meant as an introductory course, this class could count towards the foreign language requirement if you take FREN 401 and 402.

10) HIST 498 (1BB) Exploring Historical Perspectives – Game of Thrones: Power and Politics in Renaissance Europe (online)

Based on George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, more widely known from HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” this course explores the real “Game of Thrones.” Discover the historical struggles for supremacy between European houses in the 16th century as the modern European state system was forming. Take this course for an in-depth look at Europe’s structure and past.

Bonus: COLA 400 (1BB) – Career Planning in the Liberal Arts (online)

An exploration of career paths and the strategies to market the skills and competencies associated with a liberal arts major. Restricted to COLA students.

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