It’s The Final Countdown: Don’t Stress the End of Semester

It’s The Final Countdown: Don’t Stress the End of Semester

Has anyone else noticed how quickly this semester seems to have flown by? It feels like just last week we were all moving and sitting in our floor lounges or out in the quad for floor meetings. And just a few days ago it was still acceptable to wear shorts and a t-shirt for your walk to class without freezing! Now it’s about a week into November and the end of semester is looming. Once you take out holidays (which we get a lot of this month) there’s only about eighteen days left of classes until finals (eek!!). For some, this is the end of your first semester of college. For others, this could be your last fall semester and next semester is seeming more and more scary and exciting all at once. And then there are the rest of us who are used to this and still have quite a few semesters to go. No matter where you are in number of semesters here at the University, here are some tips on getting through the next few weeks.

1. Go to class

Spring_10L8528.jpgYou’ve probably started to notice how your lecture of about sixty has started to dwindle into a lecture of more like forty… thirty….twenty (especially for those Thursday or Friday classes). All of those allowed skipped days you’ve been saving all semester are starting to dwindle down as you’ve “wasted” them on not going to class because of the weather or because you really wanted to be first in line for Kendrick Lamar. The warm sunny weather that called you to at least try to walk past T-Hall without getting distracted has now turned into that chilly weather where, for some reason, it’s warmer at 7am than at 9am. It’s just all around unpleasant. BUT you need to keep going to class. With the semester down to under twenty days left, this is the point in the year where your professors are really going to start rushing through material that WILL be on your finals and that you really need to know. That wanting to sleep through your 8am may have to just be saved for a nap later in the day because that class you’re about to miss may be what the majority of your final is going to cover (well maybe that class and a few others…)

2. Coffee is your best friend

Yup. There’s not much more to say than that. The little caffeine boost can be the difference between great notes about confidence intervals and rejecting the null hypothesis or face planting into your note book for some much needed ZZZs. Whether that cup of joe (or lets face it, that bucket sometimes) is from Dunkin at HoCo, Aroma Joe’s, Breaking New Grounds, or one of the carts around campus, all of the coffee is good and should give you the same pre and during class kick you need (warning: effects vary from person to person).

T-Hall in the Fall

3. Breathe

The thought of your looming finals can be what makes or breaks your stress-o-meter for the rest of the semester. So breathe. Start planning now on how to ace those exams and bang out the best paper you have ever written. And if thinking that far in advance is what is going to stress you then don’t worry about it now! We still have Veterans Day, Thanksgiving break, and 18 days left of classes to get through!

For those who are thinking about finals though, just breathe. Take some time each night to start writing down vocabulary or formulas. If you already know what book you need to analyze for English 419, try and get a head start in reading it (if you have time!). The trick to not stressing the end of the semester is time management.

So relax…

Start enjoying the crossing off the block on your calendar and try to enjoy those last few weeks before your home for five weeks for winter break. You’re in college and finals, along with some fun, are what it is all about. Just go to your happy place, take some notes, and don’t stress it!