It Gets Better at UNH

It Gets Better at UNH

College is a great time to make your voice heard; a time to pursue your passions and encourage others to do the same. This April, UNH Health Services Intern Arianna Schaaff is doing just that through her implementation of the ‘It Gets Better‘ campaign on campus.

The ‘It Gets Better’ campaign is internationally known as a demonstration of support for LGBTQ+ youth. According to Shaaff, this project began in response to several suicides committed  by youth who had been bullied in response to their sexual orientation, “The campaign is comprised of video and written messages of hope, love, and support for those in the community who may be struggling with their identities and the reactions from society that they receive.”

Schaaff, whose internship hones in on the pressures that face the LGBTQ+ community, desires to give back to the community through the ‘It Gets Better’ campaign. These powerful videos, Schaaff hopes, will be embraced by the UNH community, and allow students to become more aware, “While I will be submitting this video to the ‘It Gets Better‘ campaign website for the world to see, the most important piece of this project (for me) is to have this video premiere at UNH so that the LGBTQ+ individuals who are needing some extra support and reassurance from their community that it’s okay to be who they are can get that message from the entire university.”

Video submissions will be taken throughout April. Anyone who is interested can visit MUB room 207 from 11-2 on April 2nd and in room 302 from 5:30-7. Individual time slots can be created!

As a reminder, one does not need to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community to support it; being a straight ally is just as important. Filming can be a whole story, or just a simple “it gets better.”

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