Internships Will Boost Your Career

John FalcoI just graduated from UNH in December of 2013 with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Communication. Throughout my time in school I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do after college. I knew that I wanted to be employed right away, so I decided to attend the UNH career fair my sophomore year. I spoke with a lot of companies and I was specifically looking for a summer internship. Thanks to the career fair I got a sales internship with Enterprise Rent-a-Car. After that summer I began communicating even more with Krystal Hicks of the UNH Career Center. She helped me apply for jobs, create a LinkedIn, improve my resume, and prepare for interviews. I ended up getting a summer internship as a Marketing Analyst with Liberty Mutual and continued into the Fall as a sales intern. I realized in my last semester of college that I wanted to be in sales, but I still wanted to weigh some options.

I attended a sales competition at Bryant University with the UNH Sales Club and Professor Catherine Blake, which turned out to be a great experience for me! There were a lot of employees from various companies that attended to judge and also network with soon to be college graduates. About a week after my participation in the sales competition I got a message on my LinkedIn from Megan Miller, an internal recruiter for TEKsystems, which I wasn’t familiar with, but I was familiar with the staffing industry! I ended up speaking with a friend of mine who worked as an account manager for TEKsystems in Fairfield, CT. He told me nothing but great things about the company and his great experience as a recruiter. I followed up with Megan and she ended up calling me for a phone screen, informing me me that two TEKsystems employees would be coming to UNH to conduct face to face interviews.

I went to the interview and met Lynn Pariseau, a sales manager for Framingham, MA and Alex Kellogg, an account manager in Portsmouth, NH, both of which are UNH alumni. I was very excited to have the opportunity to interview with them but I was also pretty nervous. As my interview with Alex and Lynn continued, it became more like a conversation and they both made me feel a lot less nervous. I expressed to Lynn that I graduate very soon and I was worried about not having a job lined up if I decline my Liberty offer. She was very compassionate about my situation and ended up scheduling me for a half day interview in Framingham the following week. I was so impressed by how quick things were going that it made me really excited about the possibility of working for TEK. I felt she liked me and that she thought I would be a good fit for the new recruiter role.

My half-day interview took place from 7:00am-2:00pm. First, I met with a panel of three account managers, which was pretty intimidating. They asked me a lot of questions and did not want to hear general answers, but specific scenarios about the questions asked. After the panel I spent time with other employee’s one-on-one. They all told me about a different part of the recruiter role, as well as TEKsystems as a whole. I had the opportunity to have lunch with two recruiters from TEK and that gave me a chance to ask a lot of questions about some of the concerns I had.

I ended up receiving an offer from Ms. Pariseau within a week which I gladly accepted. I have been working for TEKsystems for a week now and so far I love the culture and the learning process. I have learned so much in my first week here and I’m looking forward to launching my career with one of Fortune 100’s best 100 companies to work for in 2014! Everyone here has been extremely helpful. From TEKsystems, I really got the feeling that they want me to be as successful as possible. I am very thankful with my decision to work here and I look forward to see what I’m made of and how I can contribute.