International Education Week

International Education Week










International Education Week is a nationally recognized event celebrating our connections to people all around the world. The United States Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs is encouraging schools, businesses, and communities to host events during this week to educate us about other cultures, and even inspire us to learn more. No matter how far you are from another part of the world, learning about it will always bring you closer.

There will be tons of cool events happening in the Memorial Union Building from Saturday, Nov 15 through Saturday, Nov 22 that will showcase the cultural diversity present within our own university, and in our outside communities! The week kicks off with Diwali in the Granite State Room on Saturday Nov 15.  There will be demonstrations of martial arts, and other exercise activities from around the world on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. There will also be musical performances on Tuesday and Thursday. Many other presentations, speakers and activities will be happening in the MUB as well so be sure to check out the calendar to find the one that interests you!

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UNH Center for International Education

If you’re planning on, or even just curious about studying abroad, this week is a can’t miss! A couple of highlights for you will be the interning and volunteering abroad seminar put on by the UNH Center for International Education, on Wednesday from 3:30-4 p.m. and the Study Abroad Mini Fair on Wednesday from 4:30-6 p.m. These events would be the perfect time to find a good program match for you, learn more about one you’re already interested in and ask questions of students who have studied abroad. If you are still on the fence about studying abroad, check out these quotes from students who did, and loved it!

“You really don’t know a country and its culture until you actually live in it for an extended period of time. Studying abroad pushes you out of your comfort zone in more ways than you could imagine, but the challenges that living in a different country bring can be conquered, and it is so rewarding each time you do conquer one.” – Laurianne Posch, Class of 2016

“Studying abroad has completely changed my life. It affected me so much that I now live here, attending postgraduate school.” – Alexa Wynschenk, Class of 2014

“I broke out of my comfort zone by speaking another language, travelling alone, and doing things where I would say, ‘Sure! I can’t do/eat/experience this in the USA, so let’s go for it!’” – Nolan Russell, Class of 2013

If you need any more convincing than that or if you just want to learn a little and have some fun, this week is the perfect opportunity! Don’t forget to check out the times and room numbers of the events, and don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate our differences, find our common ground, and bring yourself a little closer to the rest of the global community.

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