How to Survive Winter Break

How to Survive Winter Break

We have seen many memes relating to our struggles, despairs, stress, and concerns during finals week. What feels like an endless amount of work in the form of papers, exams, labs, group projects, and presentations, does in fact end. They are not endless. (That’s all in our heads.)

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And then it’s winter break, and we rejoice. But only for so long. The winter break period this year is from December 19, 2015 to January 26, 2016. That is 37 days. And if you don’t have finals through the 19th, which most students don’t (sorry if you do) then you have to add a few more days to that count.

happy holidays imageWhile you sing carols on your way out of your dorm, ready for the holidays and eggnog, perhaps viewing How the Grinch Stole Christmas, or my personal favorite for the holidays thanks to my semester in London, Love Actually, it is truly the most wonderful time of the year. But then, after the New Year Eve’s celebrations, it hits us that we still have quite some time before we’re back on campus here at UNH. I don’t know about you, but I get a little stir crazy during this time.

Therefore, I have asked fellow UNH Wildcat Experts from all different majors what they do during winter break to keep themselves occupied:

“I always try to stay active during winter break. The gym near my house has the BEST cycling classes, so I like to take advantage of that while I am home. There are also a plethora of winter activities like snowshoeing, skiing, ice skating, etc. that should not be taken for granted.”   – UNH Senior, Political Science and International Affairs Major 

“I love to read for fun during the break because I don’t have the time to do that during the semester. I also love to travel during winter break! Not just to visit my family for the holidays, but I love taking trips to visit friends. It’s a great opportunity to relax during the school year and see some new scenery (literally and figuratively).”   – UNH Senior, International Affairs and Women’s Studies Major

“I will be taking a J-Term course but also spending lots of time in kickboxing classes at the local gym. I also like to go skiing, catch up with friends from home, and spend time outside with my dogs.”  – UNH Senior, Biomedical Science: Medical and Veterinary Science Major 

“After a few weeks on break, I go back to my seasonal job to make some extra money. Taking time to relax but also time to be productive makes the transition back to school in the spring so much easier.”  – UNH Sophomore, English Teaching Major 

“I have usually spent my winter breaks with my family and cats, enjoying the Florida sun on the sandy beaches. However, while that is still possible, I will be finding a job in the mental health care field. I also will be utilizing the gym for the resulting stress and frustration of finding a job.” – UNH Senior, Psychology Major 

“Usually the first week or so after finals I’m pretty drained so I use that time to catch up on tv shows or movies I wanted to see. This year my internship was extended into next semester so I’ll working there over most of my break. I guess it will be a good indication of life after college with only a small vacation instead of a huge break.”     – UNH Senior, English Literature Major 

“Over winter break, I try to get outside as much as I can. I absolutely love to go snowboarding and cross country skiing, especially if I can bring my family along. This winter, I hope to do a lot of winter hiking with my friends back home. I also love to cook/bake, try out some new arts and crafts and catch up on my reading. ‘Tis the season for relaxation.” – UNH Senior, Occupational Therapy Major 

“During winter break I try to catch up my knitting projects or start new ones. And of course spending time with the dogs are a given!” – UNH Senior, English Major 

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Some resources for managing stress, job searching, exploring the outdoors during winter, and coping with the winter blues are as follows:

Have a wonderful, healthy, and happy winter break. Take care, Wildcats.