How to Make the Earth Your Valentine This Year

How to Make the Earth Your Valentine This Year

Valentine’s Day is a holiday either loved or hated with very few people taking an intermediate stance. Now, everyone can love this heart-filled holiday by having an extra special valentine this year — the Earth! So, if you don’t have a special someone, or even if you do, you can make the Earth your valentine! Here’s how:

1) Treat her right

Save energy where you can. Turning off lights when you can use natural light or you’re not in the room, washing your clothes in cold water, and shortening your showers are just a few ways to protect the Earth from any unnecessary energy waste. In fact, you can check out the new infographics in dorm bathrooms to learn more about water usage and shower time! Less wasted energy means less carbon dioxide and other harmful compounds entering our atmosphere, which leads to a healthier and happier Earth!

2) Give her presents

Everybody loves presents, including the Earth! Plant a tree or create a garden, that is when the snow eventually melts. More foliage leads to more photosynthesis which takes away carbon dioxide and gives us oxygen. The Earth is getting a cleaner atmosphere and we are getting more oxygen to breathe, it’s a win-win!

3) Tell her she’s pretty

Do not litter and make sure you dispose of your waste in the correct areas! We have single stream recycling here at UNH, which means that glass, metal, paper, cardboard and plastic all go into the blue recycling dumpster. Anything that does not belong to those groups can be thrown into the green trash dumpster. The Earth is just trying to look her best, don’t make her look trashy!

4) Give her love

Spend time out in nature (yes, even in the winter). The more time you spend outside, the more you’ll appreciate what the Earth gives to us everyday! Once you develop that love, you’ll want to protect our Earth!

5) Do what’s best for her

Global Divestment Day is February 13-14. What is divestment, you ask? Divestment is deliberately removing your financial support from companies that invest in fossil fuels. Learn more about the event by watching the video below and find out what’s happening on campus by checking out UNH Student Environemntal Action Coalition’s facebook page.