@hillnicflan’s Inside Look at Forbes #MyTopCollege

@hillnicflan’s Inside Look at Forbes #MyTopCollege

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#UNHSocialIf you follow @UNHStudents then you’re very familiar with the hashtags above. If you don’t follow @UNHStudents on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine, shame on you! Luckily for you, I have linked all of them for your convenience. The Instagram and Vine are just previews, so get on your mobile device and add us ASAP.

This past month I have been tweeting, facebooking, and instagramming (these terms are all in Urban Dictionary so I don’t feel bad) about Forbes’ #MyTopCollege competition. We have all seen the Forbes lists in the past, but we have not seen this one before. This year Forbes decided they wanted to hear from the students and alumni on why their school deserves to be on the list. Let’s be honest with ourselves, UNH deserves to win. Not to mention the fact that we cannot let any of our rivals beat us!

If you have not noticed, I am very competitive. I want to win. UNH needs to be on the top 10 at least! I know what you may be thinking:

“I don’t want to tweet about that stupid competition.”

TRUST ME YOU DO WANT TO AND IT’S NOT STUPID! What is good for UNH is good for you in the long run, that is the business major in me coming out. I have loved being able to see all the positive feedback that not only current students have to give about UNH, but my fellow alumni as well. I’m a bit ashamed to say that I was unaware of all the wonderful aspects of UNH before I was given the task of spreading the word.

I am proud the University of New Hampshire was fortunate enough to make it on the Top 10 list one week! Unfortunately, we were bumped off, but I would like that to change… You can help me do that. Just Tweet @Forbes as well as @UofNH and use the hashtag #MyTopCollege (You should throw in a picture in there… extra brownie points via Forbes) Take a look at only some of the things Wildcats had to say about UNH so far:

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