Hidden Gems of the MUB

Hidden Gems of the MUB

Most students at UNH know about the MUB, or Memorial Union Building.  Affectionately known as “The Heart of Campus,” the MUB is home to student organizations, Union Court, Granite Square Station, and is attached to HoCo, (Holloway Commons).  Besides the obvious facilities and services I mentioned, I believe there are some hidden gems of the MUB that few students are able to experience and appreciate.  Here’s my perspective on where to hang out, study, sleep, and work in the MUB!

Hidden Gems of the MUBI think that the top floor of the MUB can be a really under utilized space, especially during finals week.  What’s great about the MUB staff is that during finals week, all of the meeting rooms on the third floor are open for students to study and work on group projects.  More than once, I’ve grabbed a bag of popcorn from The Notch and snagged a meeting room to prep for exams.  Many people also don’t know that the top floor houses the MUB Administrative offices – there are a lot of awesome people who work there so you should go and check it out!  The third floor also has my favorite napping spot on campus besides my bed – the Rockingham Lounge (sometimes called “the fireplace room”) is a tranquil spot to catch a nap in between classes.

The 2nd floor of the MUB is probably the busiest – because Union Court, and Granite Square Station are both on that level.  The Granite State and Strafford rooms are on that level as well, and there are always exciting events located there.  What’s new and exciting on the second floor is that Granite Square Shipping is now located in their new space, right across from Granite Square Station.  Students can now send and pick up their mail right in the same space!

The first floor of the MUB is near and dear to my heart.  I spent two years working in the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership (OSIL) – which I also think is an under utilized resource.  Never mind the great staff and study areas in the OSIL, there is also free printing for all recognized student orgs, and lots of other resources as well.  The bookstore and tons of student organization offices are located on that level as well.  Around the corner from the bookstore, there’s a commuter kitchen open during the week, where students can heat up their lunches, eat, and socialize.

Finally, some of you may remember the basement floor of the MUB, and registering for classes down there during orientation!  The Entertainment Center is located down there as well, and is a great resource used by groups like the Campus Activities Board for “The Grind” and Improv Anonymous for their weekly shows.

I definitely didn’t talk about every single space and activity in the MUB, but I think that some of these are the lesser known resources.  I would encourage you to spend some time exploring, and find your favorite study or sleep spot, right in the heart of campus!