Here’s What to do When Spring Weather Finally Comes

Here’s What to do When Spring Weather Finally Comes

Believe it or not – spring is here. With the Spring Equinox having happened on Friday, March 20th, it is officially springtime. However, with grass covered by snow and 30 degree days, you could of fooled us. What’s grass look like again? Believe it or not, the snow will melt and the temperatures will rise and us Wildcats can rejoice and bask in the sun. Of course, as any true Wildcat – I love UNH no matter the season. I just am partial to the times of the year that I don’t freeze walking to class. Can you blame me? While the winter offers a time for skiing, snowboarding, and other snow activities, the spring time offers just as many activities and warmer weather. Here are some great things to do around campus and around Durham in the spring.

1. Hang on T-Hall Lawn


I know it’s hard to believe right now, but you will see grass eventually – I think.  Once all this snow has melted and the grass is showing, there is no better place on campus to hang out at than T-Hall Lawn. The large lawn right in front of the iconic Thompson Hall is a popular place for many students to pass time between classes and just whenever they get a chance. Students do homework, listen to music, tightrope walk (yes, seriously… slacklining), play frisbee, and other outdoors activities with friends during the warm weather. It is one of the most appealing parts of this campus. I know when I toured and saw tons of college students hanging out on the lawn, it made me want to come here that much more. If you haven’t hung out on T-Hall lawn, I suggest you do so this spring.

2. Walk through College Woods


College Woods is a great place to go on a run or walk with friends once the weather warms up. College Woods can be found on the west side of Durham’s campus and takes up around 250 acres of woods, streams, and small fields. Fun fact – College Woods is the oldest used University property for walking, running, and general natural recreation. It is a great place to relax with friends or by yourself; you can spend time with the outdoors and get some fresh air in your lungs. It probably differs from your usual route around campus and offers some new sights to see too. Not many campuses have such a luxury as 250 acres of untouched nature. Take advantage of this luxury this spring, Wildcats. It is a great experience and something you should definitely do before leaving UNH.

3. Go to the Dairy Bar


Call it an obsession if you want but I. Love. The. Dairy. Bar. Located right by the Amtrak station here on campus, the Dairy Bar is a great place to get some lunch and, more importantly, get some ice cream. While I will eat ice cream anytime of the year, it is especially good when the weather is warmer. Sit outside by the train and enjoy ice cream with friends after a hard day of class. Sounds pretty sweet, am I right? The Dairy Bar accepts Dining Dollars and Cat’s Cache. It’s a great way to spice up what you’re eating here on campus. It’s a great place to bring friends that are visiting or your parents, and to enjoy a meal or some ice cream outside!

4. Sit outside at Aroma Joe’s / Breaking New Grounds 


Downtown Durham has a lot to offer. It has great little shops, some nice restaurants and last but certainly not least: coffee. Places like Breaking New Grounds (BNG) and Aroma Joe’s are top notch options for some top notch coffee here in Durham. Just minutes away from campus, they make for a great substitution of Dunks or the dining hall’s coffee. Also their coffee just tastes really, really, really good. They have great outdoor seating that in the springtime is taken over by UNH students. It’s a great place to hang out on the weekend mornings or in between class. Go get yourself an iced coffee, bring your sunglasses and some friends, or a book and enjoy your time in Downtown Durham.

Whatever it may be, you just cannot beat the beauty that is our UNH campus. There is so much to do in any season and it’s great to see students taking advantage of all UNH has to offer. What are some of your favorite things to do in the springtime at UNH? Warmer weather brings more possibilities. Let @UNHStudents know!