Get Energized for the 2015 Sustainability Summit!

Get Energized for the 2015 Sustainability Summit!

ecolineEnergy is a part of everyone’s daily life…

…from riding the bus around campus to powering up your laptop! Every day you probably encounter many different signs and a variety of information, from your classes to news stations, about energy. Around campus, signs remind drivers to cut their engines to prevent idling. Logos on the top or sides of Wildcat Transit and Campus Connector buses proudly display “EcoCat”. In addition, friendly reminders on the lights in many restrooms suggest “Hitting the Switch” when the room is not actively in use. Fluctuating oil and gas prices often appear on news networks, sometimes accompanied by a discussion about renewables or climate change. But how do you fit in on the call to save energy?

Your commitment to reducing energy doesn’t have to end when you move to college!

We are lucky here at UNH to be a part of a college campus that has very strong and sustainability initiatives, including reducing energy consumption. We even have an Energy Task Force dedicated to dealing with a variety of energy-related topics on campus. In general, UNH happens to be home to the oldest endowed sustainability program in the United States! Find out more at And who has the highest potential to reduce energy usage and make a positively impact for sustainability at UNH? You! The students of course!

So how can you learn more?

You may be wondering how you can reduce your energy consumption on campus. Well, a great opportunity is coming to learn more. Consider joining other students, faculty, and staff for the 2015 UNH Sustainability Summit! This event will be held on Friday April 10 from 12:00-2:00 in the MUB Entertainment Center. Here, you can witness a presentation by UNH Chief Sustainability Officer Tom Kelly, learn more about current and future energy usage on campus, and discuss and share ideas to reduce consumption with others. In addition to energy, the Summit will also include topics from local eating at UNH Dining to heritage preservation and biodiversity!

Come to the 2015 UNH Sustainability Summit on Friday, April 10 from 12:00-2:00 in the MUB Entertainment Center. Light refreshments will be provided by Slow Food UNH.