From Durham to Denmark

From Durham to Denmark


Studying Abroad in Copenhagen

This semester, I am studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark through a program called DIS (Danish Institute for Study Abroad). Although I will miss UNH and being able to get home in under an hour, I am a travel fanatic and wanted to experience living in a new country for longer than a typical European vacation. I arrived in Denmark early Sunday morning and settled into my apartment shortly thereafter, which is located right in the center of Copenhagen.

Meeting the Family

Because I am living in a Danish Residential Community (DRC), I live with other Americans participating in the program. DRC residents are eligible for the Buddy Network (Danish pen pal) or the Visiting Family Program so they can further embrace the Danish culture. I signed up for the Visiting Family Program and my family consists of the parents, Mia and Peter, and their two children, Karoline (7) and Andreas (5). The family and I communicated frequently before my arrival and we arranged for Mia and Karoline to come into the city for a quick visit. We went to a café for some coffee and to visit the Copenhagen Disney store, which features Frozen! They seem like a great family and I cannot wait to spend time with them throughout the semester!



Adjusting to Danish Culture

All DIS students have three days of orientation before beginning classes at the end of the week. Everything seems very overwhelming, but over time, I am confident I will be able to learn Danish (I am taking a class) and be able to navigate Copenhagen and its surrounding areas. Biking is very popular so if I choose to get one, I can explore the outskirts of Copenhagen more. I have already learned that there is no Danish word for “please” or “excuse me” so interacting with Danes will be interesting! My simple goals for the semester are to not say the phrase “I am not a city girl” like I do at home, to not be repulsed by new foods since I am a picky eater, and to not fall off a bike like I did three times in Amsterdam over the summer. This is only the start of a four-month long adventure abroad!