First Year Living: A Biased Comparison

First Year Living: A Biased Comparison

During my four years at UNH, I’ve lived in several different residence halls.  My first year, I lived on the second floor of Alexander Hall.  I was an RA on the first floor of Alexander the following two years.  I spent summers living and working in Handler, Stoke, and Hubbard.  This year, I live in Williamson Hall working at the Assistant Hall Director.

Needless to say, I’ve had a variety of residence hall experiences, most of them in buildings for first year students.  For those of you Alexander Hall
looking to come to UNH this fall, here’s a comparison of Alexander and Williamson Halls.

Alexander Hall is an amazing tight-knit community.  I spent three academic years living there, so it’s very close to my heart!  There are around 150 undeclared first year residents living in the building, with 5 RAs and one Hall Director.  It’s very easy to get to know most of the other students who live in the building, and the hall staff always put on amazing programs and help students decided on their major and pick out classes.  The two lounges on the main floor (with a fireplace!) are cozy for watching movies, working on projects, or studying.

Located between Mills Hall and Mill Road, it’s in the perfect spot to walk downtown to grab a coffee, go out to lunch, visit the Durham Book Exchange, or run to Rite Aid.  It’s also a very short walk to HoCo, the MUB, and many of the academic buildings.

Williamson Hall is also a great place to live!  It’s been a very lively and interesting place to stay for my last year at UNH.  I help

Williamson Hall

supervise a staff of 16 RAs and work with the Hall Director.  There is always something fun going on in the building.  Because there are so many RAs, there is usually a program each night, and always someone new to meet around the building.  There are also lounges on almost every floor, a main lobby with a front help desk, and a fireplace in the main lounge!

Located next to Christensen, behind Philbrook Dining Hall, Williamson is a great place to live if you want a late night snack at Philly Late Night, a Pita from Pita Pit, or a Red Bull for those late night study sessions.  For those in CEPS and COLSA, there are academic buildings very close to you!

Overall, both buildings are great places to live.  I would encourage you to visit campus and check them both out.  Hope to see you around!