Finding Community at UNH

Finding Community at UNH

Coming from Portsmouth, a small city 20 minutes away from campus, I am used to a feeling of community and it was this trait that I looked for in my college search.  At first I thought this meant I had to go to a small school to have the same feel as my high school.  However, as I traveled the east I never quite found what I was looking for, until I looked in my own backyard…  UNH, while a larger sized school, has the feel of community that I need to thrive!

The first sense of community is of course within your dorm.  I live in Sawyer, a small residence next to Stoke Hall and Stillings Dining HallAlong with being in a perfect location, Sawyer also creates a sense of community because of its size.  Everyone on the floor knows each other and they keep doors open allowing people to come in and out of rooms.  My first week here I knew I would fit in — in fact most of my college friends live in Sawyer.

I have made some friends outside my dorm.  Another place I found to fit in was on the basketball court.  In high school pride for our own school made us hate other schools.  As a basketball player my enemies were the other team. At UNH we all stand under than same school name and now play together instead of against one another.

Finally UNH hockey games are a huge part of being a UNH student and part of the culture of this school.  As a school, we unite to cheer on our peers in a battle of skill and speed.  Do you want to be a part of something bigger?  Go. To. These. Games.  Be a part of the chants and enjoy what UNH stands for and then you can understand why so many students come here.

What I’m trying to say is even though UNH is a large school, there are infinite opportunities to make many friends and be a part of the community.  Within your dorm is a small community where you can meet new people. Interests like basketball or academics can connect you further.  School events like athletic events, concerts, and fairs can connect you to the entire school.  Along with a ton of clubs and organizations, this university makes sure you have a group that fits you.  At UNH every student, no matter what background, is a part of the school.

Every student is a UNH Wildcat.

Written by Jacob Lehoux, UNH Class of 2016.