Use Academic Support to Your Advantage

Use Academic Support to Your Advantage

Stop me if this sounds too familiar: I just do not seem to have any hours in the day. I feel like that statement has been uttered by hundreds – if not thousands – of us Wildcats over the past two weeks, as the lazy days of summer sweep past us and everybody here at UNH becomes heavily invested in course work, part-time (or, for a handful, full-time) jobs and student organizations.

I am certainly feeling the lime crunch this semester as I attempt to juggle two part-time jobs, The New Hampshire, five classes and studying for law school. But this post is not meant to be a pity party for me.

No, instead I think it would be helpful to nudge a helpful reminder of some of the nifty resources here at the University of New Hampshire that are designed to help alleviate some of the rigors that comes with a full slate of college classes.

UNH’s Center for Academic Resources (CFAR) is the main source students in a bit of a time crunch should check out, as this office’s mission is to (according to their website) “assist undergraduate students in achieving their academic potential and in maximizing their educational experience at UNH.” All of that can be extremely nifty during the middle of the semester, when academics seem to eat up a tremendous amount of your day and quantity begins to overtake the quality of the academic work students are churning out.

It is also, however, critical to get into the habit early on in the semester and use CFAR’s resources to your advantage – that way, hopefully, you do not have to reach that point where you are pull all-nighters making pottery, writing papers or working on lab reports.


Big projects can suck up a lot of time, like this piece of pottery.

Under the CFAR umbrella, as well, are the Math Assistance Center (which is located in Christensen Hall) and the Connors Writing Center (which recently moved from Hamilton Smith Hall to Dimond Library). Each of these academic support offices are great for students who are in a bit of a bind in either offices’ specialty – math and writing. As an English major, I can’t stress the importance that the Connors Writing Center more than likely had on the grades I had in my English classes my first year in Durham.

So, with September here and midterms just around the corner – they come much sooner than anybody ever realizes – be aware of some of the academic support systems here at UNH which are designed to assist you when time seems nonexistent and you need some support to get through the metaphorical pitfalls that come with an action-packed schedule. CFAR, with its support offices, tutors (yes, they have tutors) and tips on how and where to study, are just one example of how UNH is out to make sure that we as students achieve our potential – but there are countless other examples, plus tons of people in your classes who would love to form study groups.

Because procrastination blows, and makes a busy college life that much busier.