Fight the “UNH Plague” with the Flu Vaccine

Fight the “UNH Plague” with the Flu Vaccine

UNH students are encouraged to get the flu vaccine each year, a clinic is offered every fall by UNH Health Services.,

If needles scare you, bring a friend for extra support.

It is that time of year again. The “UNH plague” has come back with full force and has no mercy. The plague does not care if you have two essays, a test and reading to do. It does not care that you have to go to work and then participate in various student organizations. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and just knowing that you are starting to get sick. Once you actually get sick, there is no motivation to do homework or anything at all. I know for me all I want to do when I get sick is go home to my couch and my dog and watch a whole season of The Office in a day.

Though you may have already caught that awful sickness going around campus, it is not too late to prevent yourself from getting the flu. With flu season coming around the corner, there are many ways to prevent yourself from getting sick, like washing your hands with soap and water and always before you eat, getting enough sleep like 8-9 hours a night (easier said than done right?), eating well, managing stress and not touching your face with dirty hands which is a sure way to get sick. But doing all of these things will not make you immune to the flu, you need to do one more thing…get the flu shot.

I talked about the flu with Judy Stevens, the Community Health Nurse at Health Services who has been working there for 20 years and who helps organize the flu clinics. Judy recommends all UNH students get the flu shot because it prevents THREE different types of the flu virus in order to target the most common strains predicted by epidemiologists. According to Judy, “getting the flu vaccine is the best way for you to protect yourself against the flu.”

UNH Flu Vaccine Clinic for Students - Preventing the Flu at UNH

Students in the Nursing program assist Health Services each year with administering the flu vaccine.

But I don’t have the money for that! You may say, but don’t fret! Health Services will be offering a FREE flu vaccine clinic for students THIS WEEK on Wednesday, October 8th from 9am to 3pm in the Granite State Room, MUB. Did I mention that it’s FREE*? Who doesn’t love free things?

You can do you and your studies a favor by stopping by and receiving a flu shot. Just make sure that you bring your UNH ID and save enough time to wait 20 minutes after getting the vaccine, and don’t forget your hope of a flu-free semester!

And let’s be real, if one of us gets sick, ALL of us get sick. I know there is nothing worse than living with a bunch of friends and being afraid of even breathing in their direction without getting them sick. I’ve talked to a few friends about going to the vaccination clinic and they are definitely going to go. I think we all agree on trying to avoid getting sick because there is really nothing worse.

P.S. There will be cookies too.


*The flu vaccine is offered at no cost for students who have paid the mandatory health fee. In general, mandatory fees are paid by degree students enrolled in 5 or more credit hours. $25 for students who have not paid the mandatory fees.