February UNH MUB Movie Reviews 2015

February UNH MUB Movie Reviews 2015

This month, a few of the best movies of 2014 will be coming to the MUB! February is Oscar season, so head to the MUB theaters to check out some of the nominees (nominations are listed below in the descriptions), or any of the other cool choices screening throughout the month. As always, there is something for everyone, and tickets are only $4 for students!

January 29-February 1

gone-girlGone Girl

This film is perfect for those who like to be on the edge of their seat! The story follows a man, played by Ben Affleck, who, when his wife suddenly goes missing, desperately tries to uncover the mystery behind her disappearance. As the history and secrets of their marriage begin to surface, you wonder who to trust and are kept guessing until the very end. All of the actors give captivating performances, especially Rosamund Pike, who earned a Best Actress Oscar nomination for her work in this very movie!


dear-white-peopleDear White People

Dear White People is a comedy about a group of African-American students living on a predominantly white, Ivy League college campus. It pokes fun at the current state of racial politics in America in a bravely, thought-provoking way. A witty examination of our Obama-era society, and a must-see for anyone interested in race relations and social justice. The film also won the 2014 Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Award for Breakthrough Talent, and the 2014 African-American Film Critics Association Award for Best Independent Feature Film!

February 5-8


This movie follows a man, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, searching Los Angeles for work when he finds the thrilling career of crime journalism. During his high speed chase for every high-paying murder, robbery and fire, he stumbles over the line from investigator to subject. This film has received an Academy Award nomination for best original screenplay, written by Dan Gilroy (The Bourne Legacy, Real Steel).  Really dark, really creepy and really, really good.


book_lifeBook of Life

This animated, musical comedy will be playing in 3D, so bring an extra $2 for a pair of 3D glasses! This hero’s tale, rooted in Mexican myth and culture, doesn’t dig too deep, but brings you for a fun ride. The powerhouse cast includes Channing Tatum, Zoe Saldana, Christina Applegate and Ice Cube, but the greatest strength of the movie is in the stunningly detailed animation, which can be appreciated at any age!


February 12-15

st-vincentSt. Vincent

This Bill Murray flick feels like a new classic – a laugh and a half with a lot of heart. The movie is about the unlikely friendship between a retired, grouchy man and a young boy who is able to see through the brandy breath and cigar smoke to his kind heart. Both of these lead actors, along with Melissa McCarthy and Naomi Watts, showcase their talents, while the script delivers the saltiness to balance out the obligatory sweet message.



Birdman has received a whopping NINE Oscar nominations this year, including Best Picture. The film stars Michael Keaton, who plays a man struggling to escape the legacy from his role as a superhero called Birdman. Leading up to the opening of his Broadway show, this black comedy depicts his attempts to mend his family ties and sense of self. The direction is fast-paced and overwhelming, taking risk after risk, and the result is thrilling. A can’t-miss for movie buffs.


February 19-22

big-hero-6Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is another can’t-go-wrong Disney hit. A sweet and silly underdog story about a young boy with a knack for inventing who, along with his ragtag group of friends, finds himself taking on a powerful villain. You will fall in love with Baymax, the large, loveable robot, as you’ve fallen in love with Olaf, Pascal, Dory and countless other Disney sidekicks. Watching feels like a good Thanksgiving dinner – no surprises, nothing brand new, but you leave happy, feeling totally satisfied.


theory_everythingThe Theory of Everything

This film is based on a book written by Jane Wilde Hawking, about her life with Stephen Hawking, the famed theoretical physicist. As the two fall in love, Hawking, 21 at the time, receives the heartbreaking diagnosis of having a motor neuron disease. With Jane’s support, he overcomes more challenges than ever before as he continues his work in solving the mysteries of our universe. The film, nominated for five Academy Awards including Best Picture, is a faithful and honest depiction of their companionship and perseverance. Eddie Redmayne is committed and brilliantly candid as Stephen Hawking, and the product is incredibly moving.

February 26-March 1


Interstellar was nominated for five Academy Awards, mainly in production categories, offering plenty of eye and ear candy.  In the film, with humans’ time on Earth running out, a team of astronauts set out to find another viable home planet. The movie reaches desperately for scientific endorsement, which can feel like a bite bigger than anyone is interested in chewing. Where it resolves to tell a story, though, it succeeds.



vhs_viralV/H/S: Viral

This is the third film in the V/H/S series, and fans of the previous films won’t be disappointed. This rated-R horror flick isn’t quite supernatural, slasher or psych thriller, but a Frankenstein combination of elements of each that forms a serial killer anthology. Thinly veiled nods to YouTube and the like bring the film up to date. Don’t expect anything spectacular, but a great choice if you’re looking to be jumped.


Will you be going to a MUB movie this month? Let me know which one, and what you thought of it in the comments! Don’t forget to check out next month’s reviews here on UNH Tales!