Don't be plagued by the Sophomore Slump!

Don't be plagued by the Sophomore Slump!

It hit me as soon as I set my suitcase down on the floor of Peterson room 320 – this semester is halfway over which means that this school year is three-quarters of the way over. While spring break for me was really just winter break part 2, I’m starting to realize that this is, in fact, the home stretch of my sophomore year and after this semester, I’m halfway done with COLLEGE. But I digress.

Similar to the freshmen 15, sophomores have a less popular stigma associated with our year known as the Sophomore Slump. I would consider myself a motivated individual but lately I seem to have caught this epidemic.

So what exactly is the Sophomore Slump? Well, it’s kind of a “stuck in the same rut” feeling. Things at UNH aren’t new anymore and thanks to the registration system, sophomores fought over the last seats in classes already claimed by both upperclassmen as well as freshmen. For me, I would say the previously statement is particularly true in my case.

The Sophomore Slump is a vicious cycle. Apparently, taking all pre-reqs or GenEd (Discovery) courses is a big no-no when it comes to sophomore year according to an article I read about the Sophomore Slump. If a student finds themselves in generic classes their interest in their coursework decreases which leads to an overall lack of motivation. This feeling is reinforced every day when the student goes to classes.

So what can I do about it? There is a light at the end on this unusually long tunnel – you can beat the Sophomore Slump! If life inside the classroom bores you to tears, make life outside the classroom worthwhile. Get a job, make some new friends, join an intramural or club. If you don’t want to commit to such a drastic change, start small with eating at a different dining hall (perhaps with a new group?!), finding a new study spot in Dimond, or starting a new daily routine such as jogging around this beautiful campus. Seeing the campus everyday will remind you of why you chose UNH in the first place.

I’m not completely over the Sophomore Slump but I would definitely say that I’m on the road to recovery. I like routine but too much routine paves the way for the Sophomore Slump. While I hate change, I’ve found that it is easier to make smaller changes every day to feel less “stuck” in this rut. Keep in mind that there is less than half a semester left and then we have an entire summer to rest and regain our motivation. Even if you aren’t a sophomore, the previous statement should be enough to motivate you to the end of the semester.