DIY Guide to Holiday Dorm Decorations

DIY Guide to Holiday Dorm Decorations

Even though we’re only on campus for a few weeks before winter break, there’s no reason not to bring some cheer into your room with some holiday decorations! These simple DIY decorations will help to bring some jolly spirits into your campus home.

Snoopy’s Dog House Door Dec

We’ve all seen a Snoopy/Peanuts holiday special. Most likely, even without realizing it, you can probably start spouting off about the great pumpkin or you and your friends can probably go into the “ooos” from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. With this background, why not add a classic holiday touch to welcome guests to your room or wish passers-by a happy holidays. Hang up this dog house made by you! What you’ll need:

  • Red construction paper, six sheetsScreen Shot 2014-12-03 at 9.42.42 AM
  • White paper, three sheets
  • Black construction paper, two sheets
  • Yellow construction paper, one sheet
  • Assorted colored paper of your choosing
  • Scissors, tape, black marker
  • Optional, glitter glue

Snoopy’s Dog House Door Instructions:

1. Make a square out of the red construction paper and tape them together.

2. Using your black marker, draw out the dog house shape. Use your scissors to cut out the shape. And remember to recycle the scraps!

3. Draw on some shingles if you want to give a wooden look to the dog house.

4. After you have the house together, take your white paper and use your white marker to draw Snoopy’s body to cut out. Use the internet for help if needed!

5. Use the black construction paper to cut out one ear to hang over the side of the house.

6. To finish with your creatures, draw out a cutout for Woodstock (Snoopy’s yellow companion) and draw in the details on yellow construction paper.

7. Tape the shapes to your dog house and you’re almost done!

8. If you want, use the rest of your black construction paper and assorted colors to make string lights to decorate the house.

9. If you want, you can also add some snow to the bottom of the house by using the white construction paper. Add a holiday message and attach to your door!

Stocking Hung by the Chimney with Care

So we obviously don’t have fireplaces in our door rooms nor should you try and set fires to create the effect. Construction paper and either a wall or exposed side of your drawers or desk will work. All you need is:

  • Red construction paper, five sheets
  • Black construction paper, one sheet
  • Yellow and Orange construction paper, one sheet each
  • Brown construction paper, one sheet
  • Green construction paper, one sheet
  • Gray construction paper
  • Assorted colors of construction paper
  • Tape/glue, scissors, black marker
  • Optional: glitter glue

Stocking Instructions:

1. Pick a blank area in which to construction your fireplace. For me, I used the side of my drawers.

2. Use the five red sheets of construction paper to create the brick area. Tip, make an upside down “U”.

3. Place the black sheet in the bottom center of the red paper to set the background for your fire.

4. Use the yellow and orange construction paper to make your fire. Then, use the brown paper to make some wooden logs.

5. Use the black marker to create wood grains. While you’re at it, use the black marker to draw on the bricks.

6. Finally, use the gray paper to create the mantle. If you want, use the green paper to make a garland. The assorted colors can be used to make little decorations and stockings to hang on your mantle. And hopefully they won’t be filled with coal!

Winter Window Wonderland

photo 4Paper snowflakes are the simplest of paper crafts and you can do them right from your comfy chair while you watch TV. A great idea and a very merry UNH one now a days to use these Frozen themed patterns! All you need for this craft is:

  • White paper, however many sheets you think you need
  • pencils, for if you need to draw out your patterns
  • scissors to cut out your designs

Winter Window Instructions:

1. Create the basic starting place for your snowflakes. Check out the how to video on how to do it!

2. Draw on your pattern onto the folded sheet of paper.

3. Then just cut and unfold! It’s as simple as that!

4. Tape your snowflakes however and wherever you want and enjoy!

Simple decorations can really help to brighten your spirits as finals roll around and the stress starts to set in as the hectic of the holidays set in! Good luck crafting, Wildcats! Happy Holidays!