December UNH MUB Movie Reviews 2014

December MUB Movies Reviews 2014

We’re getting to the end of semester, Wildcats! The last MUB movies of the semester are up the week before finals, so shake off some of that pre-exam stress and take a break to watch one of these awesome movie choices. Don’t forget to check movie times. Only $4 for students!

December 4th-7th:

December UNH MUB Movie Reviews 2014Guardians of the Galaxy

There’s really not much to dislike about this unexpectedly delightful superhero flick. With the thrill and pace of a comic book but the heart and genuine spirit of your favorite kids’ movie, you can’t help but root for the good guys with the fervor and dedication of a long-time fan. The writing has a beautifully quirky sense of humor and is full of lines I was quoting for weeks. Chris Pratt is fantastic, the soundtrack is a total jammer and Zoe Saldana kicks some serious butt as one of the few and far between female heroes in the genre. This movie is a fun ride from start to finish.

December UNH MUB Movie Reviews 2014The Expendables 3

The most notable thing about this movie is the dependable cast of classic action stars. Sly Stallone, Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, Antonia Banderas and the list goes on, and it’s enough to impress any movie goer. The formulaic humor keeps you entertained while you watch the predicted amount of violence, explosions, and the rest of the usual boys’ club business. The film attempts to usher in a next generation but it’s best to embrace its worth as a nostalgic reunion movie. If you’re a fan of the Expendables franchise, it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll enjoy!

Which movie will you be watching? Let us know what you think of it in the comments!