Alumni Tale: Dan Bourque ’14

What did you study at UNH?

Business Administration, Management

What are you doing now?

Upon graduating from UNH, I started working as a project engineer for Tishman Construction Corporation, a large construction company (part of AECOM, a fortune 500 company) in Boston. I am still with Tishman now, but I will be leaving for basic training soon with the Army National Guard. I will return to the construction industry upon completion of my military training and start a new project somewhere in the city.  I am currently working on a renovation right in downtown Boston, converting an old office building into a four-star hotel, which will be opening up this fall.

How do you feel your time at UNH has had an impact on where you are today?

I would not be where I am today without UNH.  I transferred to the university in the beginning of my junior year (not easy) and I met my best friends out of pure luck by living in the Gables.  I was able to learn and grow into an adult and now can look back on my time at UNH and cherish all of my memories there.

Why do you believe in UNH?

I meet UNH alumni everywhere I go and they all seem to be great people and doing extremely well.  The hotel construction project I am working on hired a fellow alum to run their operations department and is also a graduate from the Paul College like me (a few years before me).  UNH alumni are everywhere and Wildcats are always looking out for one another. I am proud to be from such a great university!