Craft Time at the Main Street Makery

Craft Time at the Main Street Makery

As my time here at UNH (sadly) dwindles down, I have also been trying to whittle down my “UNH Bucket List.”sign Among the activities that I wanted to do before graduation was the weekly craft at the Main Street Makery. Every day there’s a cute little sign outside the store announcing what the activity is that day. For those who don’t know where the Main Street Makery is, it’s nestled in between The Candy Bar, Sammy’s Market and DHOP in the center of town.

Upon entering this cozy, crafty retreat, my roommate and I were met with a friendly and family oriented atmosphere. The front section of the store is full of beautiful, locally made trinkets – everything from penny jewelry to woven dog collars and leashes to post cards. The back room is dedicated to the “weekly $5 craft” – which was sock owls on the particular day we went on our crafting adventure.

We wandered to the back room to scope it out – music was playing softly in the background and a small group of people (two kids, their mother, and an instructor) were settled in at the crafting table.

The first step was to pick out our materials, all of which were laid out on a table on the far side of the main crafting area. There were all kinds of goodies: a container of buttons, different colored and patterned socks, and a rainbow of felt colors. Giddily, we picked out our favorite combinations of materials and started working on our owls.

craft table

The materials table

A vert materials

My pre-sock owl parts












We were supported through the process by a helpful craft guide – first we cut the sock into a tube, then sewed one end shut and stuffed it. On the other end of the sock, we cut a small V and sewed it giving our owls little ears. The buttons we had chosen got glued onto a piece of felt along with the beaks which in turn was glued onto our stuffed socks. With the final touches of feet and wings, the sock owls came to life as adorable homemade stuffed animals. We had been anticipating spending about a half an hour to finish craft time but got so invested that the whole process, we ended up staying about an hour. Truth be told, we could have stayed longer, as we were so immersed, but had to leave when the store closed at 5 pm. Before we left, however, the owner took a picture of us with our owls for the wall of fame – a board filled with Polaroids of the happy faces of crafters with their art projects.


Meet my sock owl, Bartlett

My roommate and I were embarrassingly excited as we left with our owls and wondered why we’d never been in there before. I have been keeping tabs on the upcoming crafts (which you can do too at the Main Street Makery’s website or follow on Instagram) and have decided that it’s something that I need to do again. The activities they have are for all ages and levels, from experienced crafters to beginners.  If you haven’t visited the Main Street Makery- I highly suggest it, even if it’s just to poke around the shop itself.

Interested in other Main Street adventures? Stop by the Candy Bar after your crafting adventure!