Wildcat Wellness

These student wellness tales will show you the variety of ways for you to enhance your wellbeing and have the most rewarding Wildcat experience.

Health & Wellness provides medical care, education and support services for all UNH students. Most services are covered by tuition fees or are offered at reduced cost. Visit the Health & Wellness website to learn more.


Spring Smoothies

Spring has sprung! I’m so excited that the weather is finally nicer and I can’t help but look forwards towards summer. Though I do not support eating ...


SPIN on Pizza Bagel

Do you like pizza but don’t want to grab that greasy slice in the dining hall? Opt for this easy to make pizza—loaded with whole grains and veggies in...


Get Juiced!

Healthy Eating Made Simple for UNH Students Let’s face it, college is difficult enough without having to thinking about eating healthy. I think I may ...


Stay Healthy UNH

It’s that time of year again. There are papers to write, meetings to attend, quizzes to study for, exams to cram for, it never ends. This is also the ...