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London Calling!

I have some big news. Are you sitting down? Sit down, it’s a long story… I’ll wait. Ready? Okay. On a whim, I applied to study at the London Sch...


An Evening in Roma

The lighting was dimmed. The tables were set. The Italian opera music was playing. Friends were gathered to share a delicious Italian meal… in HoCo. N...


Speed Dating?

When I was in the fourth grade, I had a teacher who can only be described as one of the most truly wonderful people to ever step foot on planet Earth....


Mouse Trap

My Co-RA and I sat crossed legged in the hallway discussing communication and trust while setting up a couple dozen mousetraps.  I’d caught him Googli...


A Magic Meal

I have a confession: I missed HoCo food over winter break — sorry Mom! From the chocolate chip peanut butter pancakes to the black bean and pepp...


London Calling

I was looking forward to this day all week because we were scheduled to go on a bus tour of London!  The tour certainly met my expectations, as I’ve b...