Living On Campus

Entries about student housing experiences. If you have any further housing needs please see the University of New Hampshire Department of Housing website.


UNH Floor Wars

Floor Wars is an activity that occurs in every dorm at the start of the fall semester. It’s a great opportunity to further get to know floor mates as ...


Welcome to Stoke

When I tell people that I live in Stoke Hall, they apologize to me.  But for three years I’ve called the largest dorm on campus my home, and not with ...


From Resident to RA

As a freshman resident, I admire the RAs on this campus. They have a difficult job, but in the end, they all love it and create a positive experience ...


Welcome to The Gables

A 10-15 minute walk can get you many places on campus. In my case, it takes me to The Gables. Located away from campus towards Mast Lot, the five on-c...


Dorm Sweet Dorm

Being a freshman at UNH, I really enjoy dorm life so far. Some aspects of dorm life are the highlights of my college experience already while other co...