Campus Sustainability Month

Campus Sustainability Month

Well Wildcats, it may not seem it, but October has come and pass and we’re halfway through this fall semester. Homecoming has come and past, and Halloween is soon to be over. What you may not know is that October was also Campus Sustainability Month (CSM)! UNH has always been at the forefront of sustainable action and October was our chance to celebrate that!

From UNH’s own Sustainability Institute, “CSM is an international celebration of sustainability in higher education. During this month, we will highlight UNH’s work as a leader in sustainability and promote ways you can be involved in your sustainable learning community.” CSM is every Wildcats opportunity to promote sustainability at UNH and to get involved with sustainable happenings on campus. There were all sorts of events happening across campus. From the College Woods Buckthorn Blitz, to movie screenings concerning waste in the food industry, each and every one of us had the ability to get involved. You can see a full list of the events here.

Campus Sustainability MonthYou might be asking, “Why should I care?” As Wildcats, we have a responsibility not only to maintaining our beautiful campus, but to maintaining our beautiful world. In UNH’s Strategic Plan, the sixth vision is stated as a Commitment to Sustainability. It reads, “we must make decisions in our individual and collective lives with this big picture in mind. Sustainability involves maintaining the long-term health of biodiversity, climate, food and culture and in all areas where these four systems interact.” There are thousands of reasons why we as Wildcats should strive to protect the world we live in. Whether it’s to ensure a safe, healthy future for our coming generations or to save the polar bears, no reason is insignificant.

There’s one last way that we Wildcats got involved this month. Lasting change starts with the littlest of contributions: using a reusable water bottle, taking the bus, or even just being aware of the food waste you’re generating in the dining halls. Students and faculty all around campus are signing commitments to making a sustainable change in their lives. If you’re not able to come to any events or if you’re looking to start small but still make big change, check out the Sustainability Institute’s form for making a commitment to change. The short form can be found here.

So remember, it’s our duty to the Wildcats that came before us and to those who come after us to make this university the very best it can be!