Alumni Tale: Bert Freedman ’83

What did you study at UNH?

EconomicsBusiness Administration

What were you doing 1 year out of college?

Immediately after college I entered the family Sporting Goods business, George & Phillips Inc. in Exeter, NH and have been there ever since.

What were you doing 5 years out of college?

I worked at the family business and was on the Board of Friends of UNH Hockey for about 8 years.

What were you doing 10 years out of college?

Continuing to work at the family business, and starting a family. Coached my children’s rec department soccer and basketball teams for many years. Was also very involved with my synagogue.

What are you doing now?

I now own the family business now in its 98th year. I am involved with the downtown business association which is working hard to win the Small Business Revolution by Deluxe competition.
I am also working with the Alumni Association on our 35th reunion this coming June.

How do you feel your time at UNH has had an impact on where you are today?

UNH gave me the opportunity to learn to work with other individuals and really listen which is very important in retail sales. I also learned basic computer programming which enabled me to modernize the business and understand what I could and could not do with it.

Why do you believe in UNH?

I had a tremendous experience at UNH from living in the quad, being involved in Sigma Nu Fraternity, from being involved in the MUB Board of Governors and all the friends I met and keep in touch with.