Behind the TNH Curtain

Behind the TNH Curtain

People often do not realize just how much time and energy gets put into the various activities and resources that student organizations put in in order to provide top-notch products for the University of New Hampshire. Entities like SCOPE, MUSO, Student Senate and The New Hampshire put in hours upon hours for the student body, most of which often goes unnoticed.

Well, considering that my work as Content Editor for The New Hampshire often comprises at least 24 hours out of my week, I thought I would take the time this week to pull back the curtain at the one student organization I do know a lot about and unveil to you the type of afterhours work that it requires to produce a single issue of TNH. I will avoid starting from scratch, because otherwise you and I would be here all week – and nobody here has time for that.

For us over in MUB 156, where TNH’s offices are, a typical production night kicks off at 5 p.m. on a Monday or Thursday. It is at that point where a majority of the staff has arrived to get started, and that is typically the point where the staff begins to look through the stories that have been submitted for the next day’s issue. At some point we have to eat, so we either eat together as a staff or – depending on time restraints – head on over to Union Court and grab a bite to eat at our desks.

With our stomachs filled, it is back to work. From my standpoint, I work with two other people to read through all of the news-related stories. Once those have three looks, we hand things over to TNH’s sole Design Editor (you will notice how small the editorial staff is quickly), Phoebe McPherson. Now that Phoebe is hard at work, the copy editing team has a little bit of time to take a break.

That break does not last long though, because with Phoebe churning out pages it does not take very long until it is time to get back to work. Since TNH does have such a small staff – we usually have nine people in the newsroom, 10 on Thursday when we have the arts section – every bit of time that we can spend towards finishing up the paper is crucial. So, while Phoebe is working on finishing up some pages, the rest of the news team is hard at work copy editing the finished pages. Every little detail has to be examined at this point, in order to insure that we have made zero mistakes.

When all the pages have been read through, we hand things back over to Phoebe McPherson and Julie Fortin, our managing editor who aids Phoebe in making edits on page. Once these lovely ladies have finished up, we can begin to wrap things up for the night!

Unfortunately by this point in the evening, however, midnight has long passed us by and the MUB building managers have already told us at least once that the MUB is closing – despite us having after hours passes. On any given night, we at The New Hampshire could be leaving the MUB between the hours of 1:30 to 3:30 a.m.

With all of this information in mind, imagine all of the extra hours that need to take place throughout the week to make sure that there is enough content for our publication! It is practically a full-time job.

The same can be said for the rest of UNH’s many great student organizations. I know that our Student Body President and Vice President, Bryan Merrill and Will McKernan respectively, invest nearly every hour of their day working on making UNH a better place for us. And SCOPE? Well that have been hard at work since last spring (and over the summer) in order to bring Kendrick Lamar to Durham at a price that the student body can afford.

None of this even includes the hours upon hours of hard work that student organizations like the Campus Activity Board, MUSO, UNH EDMC and countless other orgs put in either. A lot of dedication is put in to making UNH a great place to be, and a good chunk of that comes from the students who try and bring the highest quality entertainment possible.