Beating the Midsemester Slump

Feeling inspired by fellow blogger Emily’s sophomore slump blog…

It’s two weeks after spring break. There are seven weeks left until classes are over and eight until the move out by date (May 15th!). And those weeks are already feeling like they are going to go by so slowly. Between midterms, exams, papers, and projects, there is so much to be crammed into the next few weeks. On campus though, there isn’t much going on aside from the few big events (Nelly, Spring Weekend, May Day). During this stretch, many of us will start to fall into a slump. Homework starts to take a back seat to naps as the days and weeks all blend into each other. This doesn’t have to happen though. The next month and a half could be the best weeks of your academic year! Just add some fun, manage your time, and make the most out of the rest of your spring semester!

“Here’s to having an excellent adventure and may the stopping never start.” – Jason Mraz

IMG_0733The best way to beat the midsemester slump is to throw some adventure into your days. Or at least your weekends! The adventure doesn’t have to be something big and costly, it can be simple and free! Think back to warmer days or your favorite things for some inspiration. On campus, you can find simple excursions within walking distance of your dorm. Head to College Woods and explore the trails! Wander around for hours to escape from homework and those boring responsibilities (like laundry) of college life. Get lost for a bit.

Not into the “great outdoors”? Hit the Hamel Rec Center or New Hampshire Hall to take a try at rock climbing!

Really into being outside? Check out the Rec Center to sign up for their Outdoor Adventures. Options include: hiking trips to the White Mountains, kayaking, and surfing! Take a look at their website for more information.

Looking for some super simple adventure? Try just going to a different dining hall. While the food is, in the end, all the same the options are always different. And who knows, maybe there’s something there that will become your favorite at school food! This is so simple, but just making the change from Stillings to Philly can, actually, be fun! And the change can get you out of a rut of the same food in the same place everyday.

Still not your type of adventure? Try an “Urban Adventure.” Take Wildcat Transit into Portsmouth, Dover, or Newmarket and get off at a random location! Just walk around and see what you can find. You might find your new favorite off campus eatery or a shop that you had no idea existed. Looking to really adventure off campus? Take Amtrak or C&J down to Boston and just wander the city. My favorite thing to do in the spring is head down to the warf near the aquarium on Saturday afternoons and soak up the sun by the water with friends.

Try Something Different!

There is always something new to try on campus if you are feeling the midsemester slump. Take a look at Wildcat Link or one of the dance_co_2014department calendars and pick an event to go to. Some upcoming ones to try include the UNH Dance Company Concert (March 26-30); UNH Health Services Screening of Dallas Buyers Club followed by a discussion with the founder of the Houston Buyers Club in MUB 2 on April 3 at 3pm; and  the CAB

Fairchild residents celebrate St. Patty's Day with dormmade Shamrock Shakes and green pancakes!

Fairchild residents celebrate St. Patty’s Day with dormmade Shamrock Shakes and green pancakes!

Murder Mystery Dinner on April 11th!

Even if you just want to stay in your dorm, you can try something different. Don’t usually go to socials? Hit one up! Socials of course vary in frequency and what happens in them by dorm but socials have been some of the highlights of my weeks. Fairchild has had Science Fair, Wildcat Careers, Feminism

Education, Chinese calligraphy, and “Fairchild Feast” socials (just to name a few) and there is always a reason to be in the main lounge on Monday and Wednesday nights for these gatherings.

If neither of these help, then just try to remember that summer is only a few short weeks away. And the way you start your week will determine how fast it’ll go by. Enjoy your spring at UNH! Just remember that when it finally warms up, the quads and T-Hall lawn are great places to just relax and unwind (even if you are studying).