Back In the Swing of Things

Back In the Swing of Things

Welcome back Wildcats to another exciting semester here at the University of New Hampshire! Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back to the grindstone of academic life—which can be incredibly painful. If your schedule changed timing wise, that means you have to reset your alarms and redo whatever time management you had put in place for yourself. I know, personally, my day shifted from more morning classes and only class twice a week to daily classes starting after noon. On top of time changes there are also the location changes. If you don’t know where a building or classroom is, give yourself some time to figure it out so you aren’t late on your first day! And remember that the snow on the ground can impact how fast you can get somewhere. But you shouldn’t let these things and the oncoming dreaded essays get you stressed—the semester just started! So here are some ways to keep away stress, manage your time, and get to enjoy the winter here in Wildcat Country:

Stress, Stress Go Away, Come Again Another Day (in Like Four Months)

Even though classes are just starting stress can still start with day one. You take a look at the syllabus and realize that you may, in fact, have really underestimated what this class is going to be. That class you thought was a GPA booster, nope. But it’s only day one. You can do this. With syllabus in hand, just read over it (thoroughly!!!) and write down important dates like when essays are due, when exams are, or even just daily homework assignments are. Don’t let simple small assignments come off as a big surprise.

Once you take care of going through the syllabus, start thinking about how much time you’ll need for each class. Some will definitely require more time than others. And if you have a job too, figure out your timing for that.

When all of the little technical bits of planning and dealing with your academic life are in check, look for the fun things to do around campus to help keep the early stress off. The first week back is full of things to do! White Out the Whitt/UMaine vs UNH is this Friday at 7:30pm and is one of the biggest games of the year with a ticket line starting at 6am this past Tuesday morning. Not into hockey (although if you’re not, you just haven’t been to a game yet!), there’s Midnight Mania at the Hamel Rec Center at the Whitt starting at 8pm on Friday. As usual there will be games, a DJ, prizes, and (a fan favorite) pancakes made on site by IHOP.

What time is it? It’s time to get managed.

Time management skills are difficult to develop. Like forming habits, it can take about thirty days to make a system that works for you that is flexible enough but will keep you in check for accomplishing your goals. Some simple tips are to:

  • Write everything down. Multiple times if you have to.
  • Plan ahead. Know that you have a big event coming up where you’ll have to miss class? Keep that in mind and let your professor know ahead. Make arrangements early.
  • Use a calendar. Practically everyone has a smartphone nowadays. Not big enough, buy a paper one.
  • And schedule time to relax. Working every hour of every day is not what time management is about.

Looking for more tips? Check out these sites here, here, here, and here.

Relax and enjoy the fluff!

One of the best parts about going to school in New England is the snow! And look what we had to greet us all when we came back to the good ol’ UNH, loads of white fluffy snow. For those who are new, here’s a few of the best ways to enjoy the hilly and now snowy University campus.

First, you know that big hill next to Dimond Library? Sledding and skiing there are awesome and practically a tradition.  Give it a try, you don’t even need a sled! I’ve seen people in pieces of cardboard go down the hill. Don’t try it on the hill next to HoCo though. That happens too, although I don’t know why.

Disney's Frozen, a Golden Globe winner and now nominated for 2 Oscars, was  written and directed by a UNH alum!

Disney’s Frozen, a Golden Globe winner and now nominated for 2 Oscars, was written and directed by a UNH alum!

Do you want to build a snowman?  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist quoting Frozen which was written and directed by a UNH Alum! How cool is that?). But yes, snowmen is another way to relax and enjoy the snow on campus. Many of you probably saw the giant ones on T-Hall lawn on move back day. Join in the fun with the snow people, that’s what the quads are for anyways!

Lastly, if you have the money, there are some great skiing locations nearby. You probably saw the representatives from a few places at the end of last semester trying to sell passes (which were a pretty good deal). Just get a group of friends together and hit the slopes!

Enjoy the Spring semester and remember to not stress it! And welcome back to Wildcat Country!