Apply to be a June Orientation Leader!

Apply to be a June Orientation Leader!

It’s that time of year again!  The Office of First Year Programs (located in Hood House) is looking for energetic, outstanding Wildcats to work as First Year Student Orientation Leaders for the month of June.  The most important requirement: you have to love UNH, which is pretty easy to do in my opinion! Read on for more information…

I was lucky enough to be hired as an orientation leader last summer, and will be working for the program again this summer.  I met some of my closest friends there.  Between orientation sessions, we took trips to the beach, went hiking, had dinner parties, played games, and watched movies together.  It was quite an experience living together in Stoke Hall for a month – it was full of adventures and funny stories!

Besides the adventures, being an orientation leader was fun, dynamic, and exhausting leadership experience. As OLs, we were responsible for acquainting incoming first year students with life at UNH as well as helping their parents to do so.  Each session, each OL was responsible for a floor of up to 30 students.  We shared the university’s academic and social expectations, and university resources – all based off of presentations we created ourselves!  We also got to help first year students pick and register for their first classes at UNH – that was my favorite part!  In addition that, we spent a lot of time before sessions began making posters, name tags, running various errands, and attending staff meetings.

What’s also great about orientation is that I had the opportunity to get to know my fellow OLs before training even started, through a staff meeting, dinner, and retreat!  If you are considering being an OL, love UNH, and want a new leadership, apply by following this link:

Good luck!