Preparing For What's Next

Preparing For What's Next

One of the “fun” parts about being a senior in college is that, inevitably, you will get the dreaded “What are you doing after graduation?” question. Fortunately for me, or unfortunately depending on how you few my chosen profession, I have always been able to respond with my intentions to go to law school for the fall of 2014.

Furthering my education has always been something that I have wanted to do since I was a little kid. Even in middle school, I knew that at some point in my life I wanted to be able to obtain a doctorate just so I could say I had one. So, when I finalized my plan to go to law school at the end of my first year at UNH, I had no quarrel with the idea of continuing my education.

As I have found, though, as I inch closer and closer to the Oct. 5 LSAT test date, and continue to work on my applications, is that this task is far more cumbersome than I remember applying for undergraduate studies.

Let me be clear, back in June I took the LSAT for the first time in Boston, Mass. It was a very peculiar experience for me, as the students in the Boston University building I was in who were testing alongside me were (in my mind, at least) far more dressed up than I think is necessary for a three-plus hour standardized test. Despite this weird experience, I began to feel confident after receiving my score from that test and realizing that I now had the confidence to do well in a retake.

But that does not change the stress that comes with taking a life-altering exam, or the anxiety that comes with filling out applications to approximately 16 (yes, I am trying to increase my odds of getting in) different law schools.

So, with that said, I can only imagine the stress that comes with the unknown some seniors currently face after graduation. I think that that is a good way to remind everybody that college is a time for us, as students, to try and get our life in a reasonable condition so that, when graduation hits, we are not scrambling.

It is also a good reminder that the UNH Career Center offers a lot of good advice on the matter, and can help students of all levels obtain internships and hone their job interviewing skills. That way, when the time hits, people can be a little less stressed when graduation arrives.