A Wildcat’s Guide to Dealing with Stress

A Wildcat’s Guide to Dealing with Stress


exam streeAfter what seemed to be a month filled with essays and midterm exams, I am finally starting to feel a little bit of relief. However, I realize that I’ll have to go through the same stressful process in about a month during finals week. It is easy to feel overwhelmed during these stressful times filled with papers to write and terms to memorize. Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of some simple things that you can do in order to feel less stressed with your work. I came up with a few tips that help me get through my homework and study stress. I hope these easy study tips will help you all too!

Top 7 Tips to Dealing with Stress

1) Take a deep breath

Although this first step seems rudimentary, it really does work. Before you do any work, try to calm down everything happening in your mind by playing some relaxing music and taking deep breaths. This will put you in the right state of mind. It is hard to get any work done when your mind is racing.

2) Manage your time

Professors give a significant amount of time to warn you about upcoming papers or tests. Take advantage of this by planning out a schedule. By physically writing down what you need to get done and the days you should have it done by, you will automatically feel more organized. It can be as simple as writing “Essay due Tuesday November 4” on a brightly colored post it. It’s impossible to remember all of the work due for four classes, so write it down!

3) It’s OK to take Netflix breaks

I wouldn’t recommend binge watching every episode of Gossip Girl, but it’s OK to take a break to watch a quick 45-minute episode. Reward yourself after about two hours of studying by sitting back with some snacks and watching your favorite show.

4.) Sleep!

You need to make sure that you sleep! You wont be able to focus without it!

5.) Quiet Environment

Studying in bed probably isn’t the best idea. Go to the library or a room in one of the academic buildings. For example, Paul College is a great place to study. You will be much more focused if you are in an environment where other people are also trying to get work done.

6.) Be Confident

Don’t put yourself down by saying things like, “I’m going to fail” or “I know absolutely nothing.” If you have been attending class on a regular basis and taking good notes, then chances are you are going to be just fine. Think of it as if you already know all of the material, but you just need to refresh your memory. When test day comes, answer the questions by going with your best instinct. If you are stuck between multiple choice answers, always go with your gut.

7.) Go to Office Hours

Professors always urge students to go to office hours, and you should really take advantage of this. They are there to help you! Don’t be afraid to stop by and ask your questions.

 Did this help? Comment with any tips you might have to add!