A Season of Great Hockey Awaits UNH

A Season of Great Hockey Awaits UNH

It was an electric night of excitement on Saturday at the Whittemore Center. Hockey East conference rival Boston University made a trip to Durham, and although they jumped out to an early 1-0 lead in the first period, the Wildcats proved to be the superior hockey team – with a little help from their raucous fans, to boot.

Soon after BU’s first goal struck the back of the net, our student section roared to life once more. Hockey is an unpredictable game, which was further proved by a quick sequence of back to back goals by UNH – a mere 18 seconds apart. The traditional fish plopped onto the ice, the nearly-sold out crowd was ablaze with celebration, and the Boston goalie quickly learned about the dangers of allowing a goal whilst in New Hampshire. No goalie wants to be called a sieve. Especially being called a sieve by thousands of rowdy, booming fans. It’s even worse when you give up 4 goals on 14 shots, like BU goalie Sean Maguire did, further cementing his new disparaging title. A Season of Great Hockey Awaits UNH

The Wildcats, currently undefeated at 3-0, are ranked alongside the top teams in the country, and have their eyes set on revenge after a a heartbreaking loss in the Hockey East tournament last year.

Aside from the dominating performance put on by the team and the overpriced hot dogs, students and residents were fortunate enough to witness two minor scrums break out. The game was hard-nosed and rough, and featured several displays of frustration from either side. Isn’t that the underlying reason why we watch sports like hockey or football? There’s always the looming risk of a brawl to break out at any time. It adds an exciting twist to the event, as long as none of our players get hurt, of course.

The Wildcats host Northeastern on Friday, then make the trip to Boston for an away game on Saturday to complete the weekend double-header. We hope to see everyone at The Whitt on Friday evening- with even more energy than this past weekend!