A Night Under The Spotlight

A Night Under The Spotlight

This past Thursday evening, I was onstage at The Music Hall in Portsmouth to present at The 19th Annual Spotlight Awards. In February, I was asked to be a member on the Spotlight Awards music jury. Every week we would listen to bands/artists who had released music in 2012 and consider them in our voting process. Being the only student on the jury, I was honored to be part of such a cool, unique award process. Being the Arts Editor at TNH, you tend to love the arts/food/music scene in the Seacoast area, and this addition to my schedule every week was welcomed.

The jury members were incredibly welcoming, and made the meetings feel like just a night out with friends who listened to all the same music. I am quite partial to Indie rock music, so when the time came to figure out who presented what awards, I was quite happy to be co-presenting the Hip Hop/Soul and Indie Rock/Pop/Punk awards with UNH’s own Social Media Coordinator Jason Boucher!

Most of the jury members were no newbies at the Awards, and thus were fearless of being onstage in front of a full theater. I on the other hand, was completely afraid that I would trip in the heels I bought to go with my dress. There was no stuttering, no dropping (I didn’t hold the awards), and no tripping (though I was quite ready to say “Hey Jennifer Lawrence did it too, right?”).Mairead Dunphy at The Spotlight Awards

The night was a success, and it was so great to see the support of a whole community in one place. There was support for the nominees, the award winners, and even the presenters! Band members came up to me after to tell me I did a great job, and to thank me for being a member of the Spotlight Awards.

It just shows you that sometimes the UNH bubble around campus needs to be popped so you can realize what is in the next town over. The Seacoast community is what every community should be; welcoming, supportive, friendly and colorful. I’m so happy and thankful to be a part of such a wonderful experience, and thankful for all the charismatic acquaintances whom I can now call friends.