5 Ways to Have a Productive Spring Break

5 Ways to Have a Productive Spring Break

For those of you fortunate enough to go somewhere warm and sunny for speak break – I envy you.  But even if you’re not spending a week in Cancun or California – there are still totally valuable ways to spend your spring break.  I may be working on some of these, and catching up on sleep as well!

1.  Update your resume.  I’m sure that you’ve heard me mention the UACC before – but they’e a great resource to use when you’re looking to amp up your resume and cover letter.  Get a draft done during break and them come visit us when you get back!

2.  Log on to Wildcat Careers.  Wildcat Careers is a great resource for connecting with alumni, searching for jobs, posting your resume, and finding internships.  A lot of deadlines are coming up soon for summer internships, so spring break is a great time to check it out!

3.  Read a book for fun – I feel like most of the time during the school year, we’re all so caught up with doing readings for academic classes, that we don’t have time to read something for ourselves.  Head to the UNH Library if you’re around Durham for break, or your local library and crack open a book!

4.  Look into study away opportunities.  There are tons of unique and valuable ways to spend a semester away from UNH – depending on your interests and sense of adventure, you could study abroad (check out the Center for International Education), study at a different university in the U.S. (National Student Exchange), or get an internship through the Washington Center!

5.  Clean up your social media accounts.  I’m sure all of your have heard this from several people – you never know who could be checking out your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest.  Be sure to check the privacy settings on all your accounts so you look good for future employers and graduate schools.

Hope you have a happy and productive spring break, Wildcats!