150 Things To Do at UNH – Part III

150 Things To Do at UNH – Part III

Here’s the last of our 150 things to do at UNH list, compiled by the #UNHSocial team in honor of UNH’s 150th!

Here’s the end of our list, compiled by the #UNHSocial team in honor of UNH’s 150th! Catch up on Part I and Part II.


101. Check out the bookstore for UNH gear.

102. Go to the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership (OSIL) to see how you can get involved.

103. Hit up Tacomano’s Late Night for $5 burritos.

104. Go to the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA) office to get involved with diversity programs.

105. Keep a UNH umbrella on hand for surprise rain storms.

106. Spend a snow day playing in the snow with friends.

107. Pet a dog in the library during Frazzle Free Finals.

108. Call your family.

109. Check in with friends from high school.

110. Meet President Huddleston.

111. Participate in an open forum with President Mark Huddleston.

112. Go see a guest speaker in the MUB.

113. Play a sand volleyball game outside Stoke or Gibbs.

114. Go to an early morning Tedx Talk in the MUB.

115. Get nachos at Libby’s.

116. Get ahead on homework at Dimond Library.

117. Go to Late Night at Philly.

118. Join a community service student organization.

119. Take a picture with Gnarlz and Wild E. Cat.

120. Meet with your advisor.

121. Book a room in Dimond Library for a study group.

122. Go to Campus Rec’s Fall Fest.

123. Go to Solar Fest, put on by the Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC).

124. Check out CAB’s May Day Carnival.

125. Compete to be the Funniest Person on Campus.

126. Get cheesy fries from Kurt’s Lunchbox.

127. Attend a SHARPP event.

128. Thank a UNH police officer.

129. See a hypnotist show at the MUB.

130. Take a picture of a UNH squirrel.

131. Beat the winter blues with light therapy at Health Services.

132. Tune into WUNH at 91.3 FM.

133. Take a unique Discovery course.

134. Watch the 24-hour webcam of the Wildcat statue.

135. Work out at the Hamel Recreation Center.

136. Get ice cream from the Dairy Bar.

137. Stargaze at the UNH Observatory.

138. Throw the fish onto the ice at a UNH Hockey game.

139. Present at the Undergraduate Research Conference.

140. Play Frisbee in the fishbowl.

141. Run in Campus Living Association’s Half-Naked Whole Mile.

142. Sled down library hill during a snow day.

143. Look into the National Student Exchange to study away in the U.S.

144. Play basketball at the outdoor courts.

145. Visit the cows and horses at the UNH barns.

146. Paint your face blue and white for a sporting event.

147. Join the Indian Subcontinent Students’ Association’s (ISSA) Holi: Festival of Colors.

148. Enjoy a UNH Dining outdoor barbeque.

149. Spend a day volunteering at a UNH Serves event.

150. Create your own experience!