150 Things To Do at UNH – Part II

150 Things To Do at UNH – Part II

The #UNHSocial team has come up with 150 things to do here at UNH in honor of our school’s 150th anniversary!

The #UNHSocial team has come up with 150 things to do here at UNH in honor of our school’s 150th anniversary! Catch up on Part I here and read on for even more fun activities.


51. Decorate a gingerbread house with friends from your residence hall.

52. Go out to eat at Wildcat Pizza.

53. Invite your family to campus for Family Weekend.

54. Pat the cat. (Touch the Wildcat statue’s nose.)

55. Take a nap in a hammock.

56. Watch a movie in the MUB movie theatre.

57. Get help at the Math Center in Christensen.

58. Take the Amtrak from campus to Portland, Maine, or Boston, Massachusetts.

59. Join an intramural sports team.


60. View the latest exhibit at the UNH Museum in Dimond Library.

61. Attend the UNH Career and Internship Fair.

62. Get lunch at Pita Pit in Philbrook Café.

63. Shop for handmade holiday gifts at the annual Evergreen Fair.

64. Celebrate the end of the semester at the Campus Rec carnival.

65. Get extra help during professors’ office hours.

66. Take a class you’re interested in that doesn’t count toward your major.

67. Attend three different Homecoming events.

68. Go to Relaxation Station at Health Services.

69. Go to a SCOPE concert.

70. Take Wildcat Transit to Dover.

71. Attend an event to support a friend.

72. Find your favorite study spot in Dimond Library.

73. Eat lunch at Union Court in the MUB.

74. Rent outdoor equipment from Campus Rec.

75. Take advantage of the Connors Writing Center in the library.

76. Try new foods at the International Food Luncheon during International Education Week.

77. Go to an outdoor movie on T-Hall lawn.

78. Find your favorite spot to grab coffee on campus.

79. Play a pick-up game of wiffleball in the fishbowl.

80. Go for a swim in the Swasey Indoor Pool.

81. Use Tapingo to skip lines at Wildkitty, Union Court, Pita Pit, etc.

82. Confuse a non-Wildcat with all of our acronyms and abbreviations.

83. Go to UNH Dining’s fall Local Harvest dinner.

84. Live in at least two different residence halls.

85. Carve a pumpkin with a UNH theme.

86. Spend a warm day swimming, kayaking or paddleboarding at Mendum’s Pond.

87. Go to Franz’s Food for a JB Breakfast Wrap.

88. Enter your dorm room in UNH Housing’s Rate My Space contest.

89. Get a UNH sweatshirt blanket.

90. Go to a pep rally.

91. Enter your campus photo to be featured as the #instaUNH Photo of the Week.

92. Do a Takeover Tuesday on the UNH Snapchat account.

93. While walking around campus, stop and make friends with a passing dog.

94. Watch the UNH unicyclist.

95. Write a blog post for UNH Tales.

96. Become friends with RAs in your residence hall.

97. Get a job on campus.

98. Take a picture in front of T-Hall on the stone wall.

99. Participate in an on-campus blood drive.

100. Run a table in the MUB.

Part III coming soon!