UNHSC Director Dr. Tom Ballestero recieves Water Resource Innovation award

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 - 1:00pm

The Water Resource Innovation award was created to recognize outstanding commitment and dedication to the advancement of water resource management innovations that help protect and ensure clean water for present and future generations.  This year’s inaugural winner was Dr. Thomas Ballestero, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of New Hampshire and UNH Stormwater Center Director and Principal Investigator.  Dr. Ballestero has dedicated his entire career to protecting the future of water resources by educating environmental engineering and water resource engineering students and professionals that will ultimately address these confounding challenges.  

In his 33-year career in education, research and engineering this year’s recipient has educated over 5,000 water resource engineers, trained over 3,700 engineering and resource management professionals, and assisted over 31 communities and organizations across 16 different states and across 5 different countries.

He and his wife have raised three outstanding children and reside in Madbury, NH.