NH Stormwater Commission Report Summary

Saturday, May 14, 2011 - 4:00am

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This document summarizes the major points from the Stormwater Study Commission November 2010 Final Report. The New Hampshire legislature established the Stormwater Commission in 2008 to identify issues and find solutions to reduce impacts from stormwater runoff. This Summary Brief is a non-technical overview intended for the legislature and other public officials. The report includes 5 major recommendations for action.

Summary Overview

Stormwater is recognized as one of the leading causes of water pollution in the United States. In New Hampshire, stormwater contributes to over 80% of the surface water quality impairments according to water quality data compiled by NH DES.  Impervious surfaces (e.g., roads, rooftops, parking lots, lawns in the shoreland zone) and other land use development cause most stormwater runoff.  Moreover, increasing imperviousness from development contributes to increased frequency and magnitude of flooding. Recent flooding in NH, exacerbated by imperviousness, has resulted in a tragic loss of life and millions of dollars of damage to our road and highway systems, private residences, and business properties. New regulations and action is needed on a State level in preference to and advance of new Federal regulations