New Stormwater Management Systems Installed at UNH

Thursday, September 4, 2014 - 4:45am

Durham, NH

Pollution from stormwater runnoff is a significant source of impairments to local water bodies.  The UNH Stormwater Center in partnership with UNH Facilities and the NH Department of Environmental Services are working to fix the problem.  The commuter parking lot know as A-lot represents the largest unmanaged expanse of pavement on the UNH campus (7.6 acres).  Through the implementation of innovative s bioretention and tree trench structures the UNH has managed much of the environmental impact this area had on local water ways.  UNHSC researchers estimate that the successful project will lead to the overall annual reduction of 83.3 pounds of total nitrogen, 12.3 pounds of total phosphorus, and 5,037 pounds of sediment load that originates from the area. 

UNHSC and UNH Facilities have been monitoring the parking area prior to the retrofit project.  Future research will continue monitoring to verify the effectiveness of the approach and develop a comparison of water quality pre- and post-project efforts.

This project is a direct follow up to the NHDES funded Municipal Bioretention Program that provided the optimization modeling and subwatershed pollutant load analysis by land use that were used to optimize management potentials in this project.