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Progress, Progress..

The gravel wetland construction continues and is morconstruction sitee than halfway completed.  The treatment "cells" are shown in this photo to right.  These cells are filled with stone on the bottom and will be covered with wetland soil and vegetation.  Water will infiltrate through the soil and the riser pipes and pass throught the stone to the outlet structure shown on the left.

At the restoration site just south of the gravel wetland, many of the plants we transplanted last fall are budding and growth can be seen everywhere around the site such as this shadbush below.  The shadbush is representative of our restoration efforts as fish return to New England River when it blooms. 

flowering treeWe have also seen the emergence of wildlife at the site and continue to receive postive feedback from the community such as "we have had a great time observing the wildlife that are utilizing the site including geese, mallards, hawks and bluebirds.  We continuously find raccoon and fox prints in the mud and have seen one or two deer prints.  In addition, my 6 year old wants to celebrate her birthday out there with a scavenger hunt and other nature activities.  Thank you again for your perseverance in making this project happen and in enhancing the ecological diversity and quality of life in Dover." 

In addition, the fourth graders from the Horne Street School will be utilzing the site to observe the natural setting being created during their Earth Day Activities on April 20th.

We look forward to seeing and meeting more of the community members on April 28th for our planting day.  Download our flyer here and invite your friends.

Welcome Spring!

As you may have noticed construction has started again near the restoration site.  A gravel wetland will be installed off from Central Avenue, across from the Hannaford Shopping Plaza to treat the stormwater run-off from the shopping plaza and portions of Central Avenue.  The gravel wetland will remove pollutants from the water prior to the water entering the existing wetland and the newly created wetland.

We have also ordered approximately 500 seedling trees from the State Nursery and we will be looking for volunteers to help plant on April 28th from 9 - 1:00 p.m.  Mark your calendars and more information will be coming soon. 

Happy New Year!

Once again it seems weather has been on our side...due to the lack of snow we were able to complete all the channel and it looks amazing!  I have included some recent photos below.  It also gave lots of time for the plants we put out in the wetland area to get establishstream in the springed. Information will be forthcoming about spring planting activities.  We are ordering around 500 seedlings from the State Nursery and will be looking for help to get them all planted!  The photo on the left is looking downstream towards Roosevelt.  The photo on the right is looking north towards the wetland.




Week of October 24, 2011

This week construction will continue on the lower portion of the restoration site with excavation of the stream channel.  In addition, we would like to invite you to two upcoming events:

Saturday October 29, 8:30 - 12:30 we will be planting approximately 30-40 trees/shrubs at the Lowell Avenue Restoration Site and would love the help of some community volunteers.  We apologize for the short notice, but due to the weather and construction progress we have the opportunity to purchase some trees and shrubs at discounted prices to plant this fall.  If you could donate some of your time please RSVP to me directly.  If you don’t RSVP, you are welcome to drop in, but we need at least 12 people to help so we can plan accordingly.  We can also use shovels, bucket/wheelbarrow and work gloves. 

Wednesday November 2 at 4:30 p.m. we will meet at the Horne Street school to give a brief tour of the projects completed this summer.  This tour will be outside and in

volve some walking so please plan accordingly.  Again, RSVPs are not mandatory, but appreciated for planning purposes.

 Please RSVP or contact Mindy at or 862-1818 with any questions.

Week of October 17, 2011

view of projectWith the intermittent rain, sunshine and continued warm weather we have made good progress on many of the construction projects. 

Work continues at the restoration site (Dover Waterworks) and we have seen continued growth of the vegetation.  We have also nearly completed the installation of a bioretention system and drainage swale and other improvements on Snow Avenue.  These systems will improve drainage on Horne Street and infiltrate and treat stormwater discharge prior to entering Berry Brook at the end of Snow Avenue.  In the upcoming weeks we will be completing a second bioretention/rain garden at the Horne Street School. 




Week of September 26, 2011view of project

First I would like to thank any of you who did the anti-rain dance for the past week. The weather forecast at this time last week showed rain every day for at least a week which would have slowed progress considerably. While we had some rain, the past few days have been perfect for construction and growing plants! Thanks to the rain over the weekend we know the newly created wetland holds water, and because of the sun that has shown for the past three days, we also have grass growing on the sideslopes!   That said, don’t be surprised if you don’t see any water in the wetland, unfortunately since construction is still ongoing, the contractor has to pump most of the water out of the new wetland.  The photograph to the right was taken after several hours of pumping/  However, if we can keep the rain away for a few more days, construction will be complete on the upper wetland area and we can let the water remain!

Due to several scheduling conflicts the site walk tentatively scheduled for this week will not take place, but we will reschedule soon.  Thank you for your patience and for all the e-mails and feedback about the project!



Week of September 19, 2011

on-going constructionThere continues to be a lot of activity at the restoration site as well as throughout the watershed.  A major portion of the wetland area has been graded and topsoil placed.  We have vegetated this area with an erosion control mix and will begin to transplant some wetland plants into this area and also hope that some of the seed contained in the soil will begin to sprout before the snow flies!  On the southern portion of the site you can expect to see the metal building come down towards the end of the week.  This area will be utilized to decrease the slope of the channel as it before it enters the culvert beneath Roosevelt.  Work has also been completed on Page Avenue to redirect run-off from the street into the newly created channel at the end of Page.  This vegetated swale will convey water from Page Avenue and the surrounding area into the head of the wetland. 

In other areas of the watershed we will be completing a Residential Raingarden on Hillcrest Avenue and beginning work on Snow Avenue.  These installations are both targeted to treat and manage stormwater run-off as part of Watershed Assistance Grants.  We want to thank the residents of 15A Hillcrest and 55 Horn Street for particpating in our stormwater audits and to the Ciy of Dover who has been integral in completing these installations.

Week of September 12, 2011construction equipment on site

We hope everyone is enjoying this nice weather.  While there are times we hope for rain at the Stormwater Center, now is not one of them, construction is much easier in dry weather!  As the rain subsided last week we were able to finish the site clearing and also cleared the area to the north of the site where the gravel wetland will be installed to treat an 11 acre drainage area for stormwater discharge from the nearby shopping plaza and other impervious areas.

While the site may look like a bunch of dirtpiles to some, those of us at the UNHSC who have developed or reviewed the design plans, and have spent lots of hours dreaming about the final vision, are very excited as things are really taking shape in our eyes.  The area to the north of the excavators will be the heart of the created wetland with forested wetland to each side.  The new stream channel will begin approximately where the middle excavator is sitting.




Week of September 6, 2011

construction equipment and siteSite work is underway for the upperwatershed restoration area.  The contractor, East Coast Excavation will be completing the rough grading and then placing  wetland soil to finished grade.  Tree clearing is occuring to allow for expansion of forested floodplain and to direct drainage from Paige Avenue and Crescent to be improved and directed into the wetland and/or stream channel. 


September 7 Update

No work will be completed at the site today due to the rain.  Erosion and Sedimentation control has been placed around the restoration work areas to minimize sedimentation run-off.  Restoration activities will resume on Thursday.

stormwater wetland to treat an 11 acre drainage area for stormwater discharge from a nearby shopping plaza and other impervious areas.