Writing an Effective International Research Proposal

The IROP Faculty Advisory Committee looks for:

  • A well-written proposal including a clear statement of the research question, project design, and approach/methodology.
  • A clear explanation of how the following will be acquired during the year prior to the research experience including:
    • adequate knowledge of culture and language
    • appropriate background knowledge & research skills
    • sufficient knowledge of resources & contacts at site
  • Consideration of cultural/language barriers or time constraints
  • Safety (guided by U.S. State Department travel advisories and the UNH International Travel Risk Review Committee; see http://www.unh.edu/global/policy-international-travel-risk-review-itrr and international research coordinator Georgeann Murphy (georgeann.murphy@unh.edu) with your questions and/or concerns)
  • Emotional and intellectual maturity of student
  • Student ability to represent UNH favorably abroad

Criteria for faculty review of international applications >>


All applicants and their faculty mentors will be notified in writing within four weeks after the application deadline.