International Undergraduate Research Symposium

International Research Opportunities Program (IROP) and Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Abroad

Early in each academic year, the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research marks the academic homecoming of international research students with the INTERNATIONAL UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM, brief illustrated research presentations crafted for a general audience of faculty, students, administrators, supporters, families, and invited guests.  The 2018 Symposium (featuring the work of IROP and SURF Abroad grant recipients) will be held over Homecoming weekend on Friday, October 12, from 3.15-5.15 pm in MUB theaters 1 & 2.

Ian Lichtenstein in Ghana
ian lichtenstein

2018 International Undergraduate Research Symposium 

Amanda Kabel, 3:30 pm in theater 1

Measuring Primary Cilia Length and Decapitation in Transfected Cells (Germany)

Ian Lichtenstein, 3:30 pm in theater 2

A Comparison of Pre- and Post-Operative Transfusion Treatments for the Prevention of Transfusion Transmitted Malaria in Local Ghanaian Hospitals (Ghana)

Peter Tansey, 3:45 in theater 1

The Fate of Dissolved Organic Carbon in Subarctic Watersheds (Sweden)

Amber McElhinney, 3:45 in theater 2

Three-Dimensional Echocardiographic Analysis of the Equine Aortic Valve (Scotland)

Emma Clarke, 4 pm in theater 1

Searching for Dark Matter-Dark Radiation Interaction in Cosmological Data (India)

Kathryn Bennett, 4 pm in theater 2

Production Pathways and Ebullitive Flux Patterns of CH4 from Subarctic Thaw Ponds in Abisko, Sweden

Emma Faddoul, 4:15 pm in theater 1

Differences in Social Behavior of Chimpanzee Mothers Based on Sex of Offspring (Zambia)

Erin Driscoll, 4:15 pm in theater 2

Suppression of the Gibbs phenomenon in discontinuous audio signal processing (Belgium)