International Undergraduate Research Symposium

International Research Opportunities Program (IROP) and Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Abroad

Early in each academic year, the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research marks the academic homecoming of international research students with the INTERNATIONAL UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM, brief illustrated research presentations crafted for a general audience of faculty, students, administrators, supporters, families, and invited guests.  The 2017 Symposium (featuring the work of IROP and SURF Abroad grant recipients) will be held over Homecoming weekend on Friday, September 22, from 2:00-5:00 pm in MUB theaters 1 & 2. See below for the Schedule of Events.

Come hear of travels, research, and revelations.  Meet the researchers and those who made their research possible!



 Carolyn D'Olympio with her mentor, Dr. Agyei, in Ghana 

  • Olivia Black / The Impact of Integration on Dutch Long Term Care / Netherlands
  • Tyler Chapman / Development and Integration of a PMT Instrument into the G-Chaser Rocket Mission / Norway
  • Luke Daly / Identification of New ASIC Inhibitors in the Chemical Family of Aromatic Diamidines / Germany
  • Mikaela Frechette / Corticomotor Function During Blood Flow Restricted Arm Crank Ergometry / Australia
  • Amanda Graves / FrühStart Family Midwives:  A Descriptive Study of Care and Prevention / Germany
  • Courtney Kamyk / Boldness and Natural Behaviors in Lions (Panthera leo):  How Are They Related? / Zambia
  • Crystal Napoli / Justice in Taiwan’s “Contact Zone” and the Shaping of Historical Narrative / Taiwan
  • Mia Sacks / Founding the English Copperas Industry:  Science, Economics, and Politics in the Elizabethan Era / England
  • Isabelle Beagen / Eleanor Marx and the Impact of Henrik Ibsen’s Theatrical Work / England
  • Carolyn D’Olympio / Self-Reported Experience of Living with Sickle Cell Disease in Ghana / Ghana
  • Shrimika Madhavan / Acrolein Production and Cytotoxic Disease / Japan
  • Shannon McGrath / Exploring the Importance of Meaningful Occupations in Adjustment for Immigrant and Refugee Women / Canada
  • Gina Occhipinti / Development of a Business Model for Sustainable Operation of CARD BDSFI/ Philippines
  • Marin Strong / Factors Influencing Care-Seeking Behaviors for Childhood Illness by Mothers in Nepal / Nepal
  • Andrew Ware / Distributional Implications of the Development of Artificial Intelligence for Global Policy

* Please let us know if we may help you get from the parking lot to the front entrance of the MUB by responding to Peter Akerman, 603.862.4323, .


Theater 1 (Prof. Tsang)                                                                  Theater 2 (Prof. Murphy)

2.00                        -----                                                                                        2.00        Coordinator welcome

2.15                        Frechette, Mikaela                                                          2.15        Chapman, Tyler

2.30                        Black, Olivia                                                                      2.30        Graves, Amanda

2.45                        Daly, Luke                                                                          2.45        Madhavan, Shrimika

3.00                        McGrath, Shannon                                                         3.00        Ware, Andrew

3.15                        Q & A                                                                                    3.15        Q & A

3.35                        BREAK                                                                                 3.35        BREAK  

3.45                        Kamyk, Courtney                                                           3.45        Beagan, Isabelle

4.00                        Occhipinti, Gina                                                              4.00        D’Olympio, Carolyn

4.15                        Napoli, Crystal                                                                 4.15        Sacks, Mia

4.30                        Q & A                                                                                    4.30       Q & A